NCCI Webinar on COVID, LGBTIQ Communities and the Church

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Webinar date: Wednesday June 10th 2020 (5.00 pm to 7.00 pm).
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NCCI Webinar on COVID, LGBTIQ Communities and the Church

Wednesday June 10th 2020, 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm


The COVID – 19 lockdown continues in the country, despite measures to relax it in phases. Various marginalized communities are undergoing struggles detrimental to their survival. Among such groups of people the LGBTIQ communities have been facing different types of struggles during this time, adding to their ongoing struggles with stigma and discrimination on various fronts. This needs attention from various stakeholders and duty bearers.

The National Council of Churches in India (NCCI), has in the past facilitated faith communities engage with the LGBTIQ communities. This it did through its ESHA Project and its National forum called the National Ecumenical Forum for Gender and Sexual Diversities (NEFGSD).  Even during the lockdown the NCCI has been engaged in addressing the concerns relating to LGBTIQ communities. These experiences push one to think that the Church at large should start working on the concerns of these peoples.

On behalf of the NCCI, and as part of its ‘Rebooting as Ekklesia’ series of webinars, the ESHA Program and the NCCI National Ecumenical Forum for Gender and Sexual Diversities (NEFGSD) is offering a platform for Churches to engage with the community and discern a mission agenda and priority for engagement. It is hoped that this offering will open different avenues of engagement between the Church and the people belonging to one or all of the LGBTIQ communities.

What we want to do

To understand the difficulties of the LGBTIQ communities that became compounded during the situation as COVID and the lockdown.

To discern a call of the times in the contexts of peoples with different sexual orientations and gender identities.

To list specific areas of relevant and appropriate engagements of churches in such contexts.

How we propose to do that . . .

Listen to the lived experiences during the lockdown from representatives of LGBTIQ people (Ms Santa Khurai, Mr Rohan Regi Mathews, Dr Anand Chandrani, Mx Gopi Shankar, Ms Sonal Giani)

Consolidate the voices, acknowledge responses and suggest more possibilities for collaboration (Dr L. Ramakrishna , Ms Rachana Mudraboyina).

Discern a way forward  (Fr Dr Reji Mathew, Rev Dr Sunil Caleb, Rev. Solomon Paul, Rev Priscilla Rawade)

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Webinar date: Wednesday June 10th 2020 (5.00 pm to 7.00 pm).
You will receive a zoom link when your registration is accepted.

NCCI – ESHA invites applications for Program Executive

Title: Programme Executive – Training

Reports To
The Programme Executive will report to the General Coordinator, ESHA Project of the NCCI-CSA
Job Overview
You will be responsible for the planning, coordinating and conducting all training programs relating to Human Sexuality and Gender Identities within the Project. Engaging with experts from theological colleges, social sphere, health institutes and community based organizations within India and abroad, you will be in charge of training theological faculty, pastors, laity and youth from across the country. In addition, you will also engage within the NCCI/CSA network and the LGBTI+ Communities in India and overseas, exploring new areas of learning and research. You will play a strategic role towards strengthening the Prophetic role of NCCI in the area of human sexuality and gender identities.
Responsibilities and Duties
Based in Nagpur, you will
• Plan along with the General Coordinator all training programs
• Coordinate with Resource Persons and Delegates for their participation,
• Conduct the training programs as per requirement,
• Document report of the training programs conducted,
• Settle accounts related to training programs, such as travel expenses, stationary and other program related expenses,
• Engage with experts from Universities to formulate curriculum and courses relating to human sexuality and gender identities and work towards making the course an accredited course,
• Engage with other programs within the Project related to mainstreaming, Forum based activities, networking etc. ,
• Network with Government and Non – Government agencies, experts, church leaders, theological colleges, staff and students from within India and overseas.

• Education level : Post Graduate with an additional qualification in Theology
• Experience: At least two years’ experience in having engaged with issues relating to human sexuality and gender identities, with hands-on experience of having engaged with the LGBTI+ communities, a teaching experience in a theological college with some social work background will be ideal.
• Specific skills: Teaching, Presentation, Basic Computer skill, Good spoken and writing skills in English, knowledge of other Indian languages will be an advantage.
• Personal characteristics: Willing to travel extensively while being based in Nagpur.
Duration: Two years
Interested candidates may apply with hard copies of their Application and CV, which must reach The General Secretary, National Council of Churches in India, Christian Council Campus, Civil Lines, Nagpur, Pin: 440001, Maharashtrabefore 16th January 2020. An advance copy can be sent to: esha@ncci1914.comwith a copy to with the subject Line : “Application for ESHA Program Executive”.  Short listed candidates will be called for an interview.

Declaration of the National Consultation on Interfaith Engagement with Human Sexuality and Gender Diversity.

National Consultation on Interfaith Engagement with Human Sexuality and Gender Diversity

July 13-14, YMCA Tourist Hostel, New Delhi


While awaiting the judgement of the Honourable Supreme Court of India on Sec 377 of IPC — we the participants of the National Consultation on Interfaith Engagement with Human Gender, Sexes and Sexuality Diversities — organised by Aneka, Bangalore; and the National Council of Churches in India –ESHA, Nagpur; held in Delhi from 13th to 14thof July 2018; declare the following statement as an affirmation of our conviction — that human beings with diverse genders, sexes and sexuality minorities are God’s creation and are a part of natural order. This affirmation is done in the context of LGBTQHI+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Hijada, Intersexual)  phobia that attempts to criminalize gender, sexual and sexuality minorities in India.

We believe that love is the basis of all religions and hatred can have no place. However, historically there have been dominant interpretations that have been used to perpetuate oppressive systems against these minorities. As a result, gender, sexual and sexuality minorities are often rejected and alienated by many religious leaders and faith communities.

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ESHA Steering Committee Meeting Reviewing The Present, Envisioning The Future

IMG-20150805-WA0003The Steering Committee of ESHA (Ecumenical Solidarity for HIV and AIDS) met in Neemrana, Rajasthan for a two-day meeting on July 22-23, 2015.

The Present Phase

As the present phase of ESHA is drawing to a close, the committee took stock of the work achieved.

Work Place Policy: – Ms. Ella Sonawane, Secretary – Publishing and Programmes, ISPCK has been facilitating this work. It was noted that a few of the All India Christian Organizations had made good progress in drafting their work place policies while some others were at different stages of its formulation. Even the NCCI has prepared a draft of the Work Place Policy for approval by the NCCI Executive Committee
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