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Presbyterian Church of India appreciate COP21 Paris Agreement

The email below was received from Rev.  Rolianthanga  Lalsim of the Presbyterian  Church  of  India, which is a constituent member of NCCI:   Dr.  Roger,  members  of  the  media  fraternity, It  is  my  pleasure  to  send   as  attachment  copy  of  our  fax letter  to  Honourable  Prime  Minister,  expressing  appreciation  on  India  having  ratified  the  COP21  Paris  […]

Conflict to Communion: Historical Signatures at Lutheran Cathedral, Sweden on Oct 31, 2016

National Council of Churches in India welcomes the Joint Unity Declaration by the Catholics and Lutherans October 31, 1517 became a kairos day in history as Martin Luther nailed 95 theses on the doors of the Wittenberg Castle Church in Germany. After 499 years on the same day, another landmark history was created in the Lutheran Cathedral of […]

National Council of Churches in India mourns the demise of Prof. Dr. Jegadish Gandhi

Prof. P Jonathan Jegadish Gandhi 28 September 1941 – 7 October 2016 National Council of Churches in India mourns the demise of Prof. Dr. Jegadish Gandhi, a committed Church Person, Ecumenist, Development Economist and Columnist.  Prof. Gandhi, who was hospitalised at CMC Vellore because of a massive cardiac arrest on 4th October, passed away on […]


Respected Ecumenical Colleagues, Warm greetings from National Council of Churches in India! Dalit Liberation Sunday has become an important feature in the calendar of Indian Churches and Ecumenical movements. Over the years, there has been a positive response in sensitizing the local congregations towards concerns of Dalits, for no longer caste issue is visualized as […]

21st September 2016 – International Prayer Day for Peace (An invitation to “Do” and “Practice” Peace)

21st September 2016 – International Prayer Day for Peace (An invitation to “Do” and “Practice” Peace) “Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace”(United Nations) Each year, the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21st September. The General Assembly of the United Nations has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening […]

Observance of Black Day on August 10th, 2016

August 10th is observed every year as ‘Black Day’ by the member Churches of National Council of Churches in India, Theological institutions and Christian organisations across India demanding the deletion of the infamous Presidential Order 1950, Paragraph 3, which excludes Christian and Muslim Dalits from the Scheduled Caste list. The foundation of state discrimination against […]

Tribal and Adivasi Sunday-2016 Celebrated Across India

The lives of Tribals and Adivasis in India are always an intertwining of struggles and celebrations. Over the years Tribal and Adivasi Sunday has been observed in many parts of our country to sensitize the Indian churches to break down barriers that separate indigenous people from other communities and to express solidarity with the struggles […]

Churches and FBOs call for land rights, equitable financial flows and life-enhancing learning at the World Social Forum

Land rights, equity in development resource flows and life-enhancing epistemologies were among the themes emphasized by churches and faith-based organisations at the World Social Forum (WSF) held in Montreal, Canada from 09-14 August 2016. “Land creates an ecology of life…It is about relationships”, reflected Bishop Mark McDonald, World Council of Churches (WCC) President for North America, in an […]