Call for observing 16 days of activism to end gender-based violence

Dear Ecumenical Leaders,

Greetings from the NCCI Women’s Concerns!

One of the annual observances of the NCCI Women’s Concerns is in joining the

“16 Days of Activism against Gender based violence”

 from the 25th of November (International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women) to the 10th of December (International Human Rights Day).

This period also includes observance of some other important days like – November 29 (International Women Human Rights Defenders Day), December 1 (World AIDS Day) and December 6 (Anniversary of the Montreal Massacre).

The 16 Days Campaign is  for organizing strategy for individuals and groups around the world and our churches to call for the elimination of all forms of gender-based violence against women and to:

  1.   Demonstrate the solidarity of women around the world organizing against gender-based violence against women
  2. Strengthen local work around gender-based violence against women
  3. Organise Rally, Lobby, Network and voice out for the issue.
  4. Provide a forum in which organizers can develop and share new and effective strategies
  5.   Raise awareness about gender-based violence against women as a human  rights issue at the local, national, regional and international levels
  6. 6. Have a women/gender  safeguarding policy in your respective Churches.


The theme for this year is “United”. Let me encourage you to take this opportunity to talk about the “UNITE” Campaign in 2022, under the global banner UNITE! Activism to End Violence against Women & Girls, will aim to mobilize all UNITE networks, civil society and women’s rights organizations, organizations working with men and boys, the UN system, the Action Coalition on Gender Based Violence, government partners, human rights defenders, schools, universities, private sector, sports clubs and associations and individuals to become activists for the prevention of violence against women, to stand in solidarity with women’s rights activists and to support feminist movements around the world to resist the rollback on women’s rights and calling for a world free from VAWG (violence against women and girls).

“Recent women-led movements such as #NiUnaMenos and #MeToo have indeed helped break the long silence surrounding sexual harassment in the world of work on a global scale and forced a conversation about the need to fundamentally transform the power structures and discriminatory norms that enable gender-based violence and discrimination.

As National Council of Churches in India it is our responsibility to encourage each other – member churches/ councils/ organizations and agencies to join in the observation of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence and work on a just inclusive environment for a wholesome growth of all. It is time again this year to unite and and create awareness for ending violence against women in our country/churches/ homes

We would request you to please share the poster and also display it on your Notice Boards.

Please share this information to relevant persons / people in your church/  organization/ agency so that they can get this done and be connected with us. Please also ask them to Share their plans with us.

Yours in His Service
Rev Jyoti S Singh Pillai
Executive Secretary 
NCCI Women Concern

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