National Girl Child day- 24th January, 2019

Girl children are considered a “burden” on their natal families, attributed to the idea that they will be married off at a certain age (and hopefully at a competitive price), while sons will study, become breadwinners of the households, bring home a wife who will take on households responsibilities, and thus support his parents in old age.  It is time for us to ponder upon a question are girls less capable or is it our attitude? Because , not only have we been socialised into believing in differential rights and abilities of boys and girls, but we have behaved in ways to ensure this is true by not providing equal access to both boys and girls, equal access to support and encouragement, and consequently, equal opportunity to perform. And this is one kind of silent struggles and violence a girl child has to go through since her childhood and after marriage she goes through violence. The worst victims of such violence are girls, women, and children. We know India is the 4th dangerous country for women to live in and for the girl child to survive. 53 percent children get sexually abused in India that means one out of two children.

Thursday in Black campaign is against gender based violence and it encourages men and women to support girl child and treat them equally to build inclusive church and society.

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