Living out our Resurrection – in being the in-line Church . . .

Jesus’ commitment to God’s purposes even unto death on the cross could not be held back by the grave. God raised Jesus to life to accompany all who are touched by the resurrection experience.

Touched by the experience of resurrection Mary proclaims that the grave could not contain the life that God gives, Peter and the disciples witness boldly than ever before amidst people of different tongues, and the migrants who already hit the road get back as the message of the Mission.

In having died with Jesus and risen to Christ we partake in this resurrection experience. Jesus accompanies us in our mission of living out the proclamation of this resurrection faith that the gates of hell shall never prevail. While thus proclaiming ‘O grave where is thy victory and death where is thy sting’, we are called to build a world where death will be conquered and life sustained.

The corona virus and the fear of contracting COVID-19 has put many of us in different countries behind closed doors; some had to hit the road to their homes; a few others with nothing to look forward to are seated outside tombs even in which they cannot find the love of their loved ones.

The saviour who comes alive to us in each such lived experience of today unites us as the Easter day passes, to listen to the experiences of resurrection – of those locked in, of those on the road, and the bereaved – to sit with them around the fire of the power of the Holy Spirit to chalk out a new way of living out faith that will conquer life-denying and life-negating contexts.

Traditionally we have gone to Church to experience the presence of Jesus the Christ in our coming together. The COVID-19 context invites us into the empty tombs with the words ‘come and see he is not here’, indicating that Jesus is ahead of us and already in galilee; and henceforth can be met there . . . an invitation to be in-line with Jesus in Galilee

May this ‘Sabbath’ forced on humanity, costly to many as it may be, heal us and bring us to join all of creation in witnessing the rising to life of the people of God together with all of creation, in which death will forever be conquered . . .

Let us greet one another with this kiss of Easter Peace – Jesus conquered death; We too can … and All will …

Rev.  Asir Ebenezer
General Secretary.

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