At work with the resurrected Jesus, Protect WORK – Protect Life …

When most establishments including businesses and industrial establishments could resort to possible cost cutting on account of the impact of the lockdown, it is the labourer/ worker/ employee who is most vulnerable and seemingly dispensable.

The Government authorities have taken measures to make sure that this vulnerable section of society is not held ransom for what could play out in the days to come. The Ministry of Labour and Employment GOI has been issuing advisories to this effect from time to time (

We request all our constituents, heads of churches, members of the NCCI General Body and Executive committee, partners of the NCCI-Urban Rural Mission (NCCI-URM), the India Peace Centre (IPC), the Indian Disability Ecumenical Accompaniment (NCCI-IDEA), and the National Ecumenical Forum for Gender and Sexual Diversities (NCCI-NEFGSD) to take cognizance of the matter and advise all their units and institutions to take necessary action to protect the interest of all categories of their employees.

We further request the above mentioned esteemed leaders and partners to advise their members, units and institutions to coordinate with local civil society organisations in ensuring that the work, rights and dignity of migrant workers and daily wage earners in their vicinity is protected. Every life counts. Protect WORK – Protect Life.

The Council is mindful of the noble initiatives of the Churches and the guidance of the leadership of each Church. This commitment to the cause of providing for the needs of the poor in our midst, even amidst the busy season of Lent and the comemoration of God raising Jesus from the dead, is commendable and appreciated.

We will continue to uphold each other and all concerned in prayer as we act decisively on the immediate fallout of the COVID-19 situation. We lift the dedication of the medical workers with thanksgiving and pray for their protection and for their families. We continue to pray for wisdom to all policy and law makers as they guide us through this context.


Rev. Asir Ebenezer
General Secretary NCCI
Easter Monday 2020

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