Invitation to observe NCCI Tribal and Adivasi Sunday 2023

Indigenous youth in their communities play differentiated roles and functions, from which derive certain rights, responsibilities, abilities and social recognition. Their roles and functions can differ according to their cosmovision and Indigenous languages. Importantly, ways of living for Indigenous youth are changing due to evolving social, cultural, political, and economic contexts. Discrimination impacts the lives of Indigenous youth in ways that affect their self-esteem, loss of spiritual richness, loss of language and denial of their cultural roots. . Many Indigenous youth face multiple barriers, cultural clashes, and different influences that over time, push them to acquire an identity that is foreign to their place of origin to avoid being the object of discrimination and racism, in extreme cases rejecting their culture, languages, and the practice of ancestral customs. In some cases, entire generations of Indigenous youth have grown up out of their communities but have retained a connection to their lands and territories through their families, Indigenous Peoples’ organizations or others.

Despite these challenges, there are examples of Indigenous youth participation in Indigenous Peoples’ organizations, in urban and rural areas, and even outside national borders, who are revitalizing and promoting their cultural identities. They are organizing diverse activities to strengthen cultural identity, participating in different forums, and sharing cultural spaces with Indigenous elders, and creating a solidarity network among Indigenous youth.

The theme for this year’s Tribal and Adivasi Sunday is “ Indigenous Youth as Agents of Change for Self-determination” and we have prepared a special Order of Worship for the day. You may please take the freedom to use the entire worship order and translate it in your vernacular language or adapt parts of it. We sincerely hope that the observance of this special NCCI Tribal and Adivasi Sunday will be an enriching one in our faith affirmation and commitment and for widening the horizon of our ecumenical journey.

Over the years Tribal and Adivasi Sunday has been celebrated in many parts of our country in sensitizing the local congregation on Tribal and Adivasi Concerns. Thanks to the enormous support we have received from across the churches, dioceses, parishes and institutions in celebrating this special Sunday. This year also we are inviting you to observe Tribal and Adivasi Sunday on 6th August in your churches/local parishes/institutions.

Let us join to celebrate Tribal and Adivasi Sunday on 6th August 2023.

Download the liturgy 

Thanking you in anticipation.

With regards,

In Christ,

Pradip Bansrior
Executive Secretary
Dalit and Tribal/Adivasi Concerns, NCCI

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