“End Scandal of Discrimination!” Message from NCCI- AICCW pertaining to World Labour Day

blogWorld Labour Day is commemorated every year on 1st May. With reference to this important celebration, the All India Council of Christian Women, the Women’s Wing of National Council of Churches in India sent messages to churches, church based organizations, institutions, church leaders and communities that there should be no discrimination between men and women in the work place in terms of wages and facilities for same job.
The scripture endorses there should be no discrimination of women. According to Galatians 3:28 there is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. However many times our theology gets tainted by patriarchal interpretations that portrays women as the ‘second sex’ weaker than men. Such interpretations often and legitimizes and sanctions discrimination of women not only in society but even work place. Jesus never discriminated women and was compassionate and had full understanding of the challenges women face in society.
The National Council of Churches has rich history of championing the rights of labourers and workers. NCC India is in solidarity with the struggles of labourers, industrial workers, and unorganized workers. At present NCCI works with Urban Rural Mission which is its autonomous body that deals with issues like feminization of labourers, women workers human rights etc.
According to Rev Dr Roger Gaikwad the General Secretary of National Council of Churches in India “It is the prophetic duty of Indian churches to promote the human rights of workers and labourers. We cannot over look that fact that many local congregations of our member churches comprise of members who are migrant workers working in industries or companies, domestic workers, unorganized workers or daily wage labourers. It is the responsibility of the development /social service wings of churches to empower workers and communities of their rights. Women workers should not be discriminated. Such form of discrimination is violence on women. Indian churches should respond to end such violence.”
According to Pope Francis the fact that a disparity exists and women earn less than men for the same work is a ‘pure scandal’. Pope Francis further opines why should it be taken for granted that women must earn less than men? Christians should become more demanding for that ‘radical equality’, by supporting the right of equal pay for equal work. (Source: //www.washingtonpost.com/news).
Pay discrimination remains a persistent problem in the workforce in India and worldwide. Lower earnings have a serious impact on the economic security of the families headed by income of working mothers or women. In order to end such violence on women workers-
All India Council of Christian Women reminds Churches to :

  • Grant equal wages and equal facilities for both men and women who perform same job.
  • Promote and adopt policies and create work atmosphere that helps women workers/labourers who are nursing mothers, working mothers, single mothers & widows.
  • Acknowledge maternity of women in work place and their rights and facilities related to maternity leave.
  • Promote and implement Gender and Sexual harassment policies that provide security to women and people from vulnerable backgrounds in work place.
  • Create space for women workers to voice their opinions and promote and acknowledge the rights of women in decision making process.

Moumita Biswas

Executive Secretary
All India Council of Christian Women

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