Day 1 A.     NCCI Presidium, Members of the Working, Executive, Finance Committees and Various Committees of NCCI, Executives Secretaries, Program Executives, Program Assistants and Interns

B.      All India Sunday School Association (AISSA)

Day 2 A.      Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church (AELC)

B.      Andhra Pradesh Council of Churches (APCC) & Telangana Council of Churches (TSCC)

C.       All India Association for Christian Higher Education (AIACHE)

Day 3 A.      Arcot Lutheran Church (ALC)

B.      Bengal Christian Council (BnCC)

C.       Association of Theologically Trained Women of India (ATTWI)

Day 4 A.     Baptist Church of Mizoram (BCM)

B.     Bihar Council of Churches (BRCC)

C.     Bible Society of India (BSI)

Day 5 A.     Bengal-Orissa-Bihar Baptist Convention (BOBBC)

B.     Chhattisgarh Christian Council (CGCC)

C.     Board of Theological Education of Senate of Serampore College (BTESSC)

Day 6 A.     Church of North India (CNI)

B.     Gujarat Council of Churches (GJCC)

C.     Christian Association for Radio and Audio-Visual Services (CARAVS)

Day 7 A.     Church of South India (CSI)

B.     Jharkhand Council of Churches (JHCC)

C.     Christian Endeavour in India (CEI)

Day 8 A.     Convention of Baptist Churches of the Northern Circars (CBCNC)

B.     Karnataka Christian Council (KACC)

C.     Christian Union of India (CUI)

Day 9 A.     Council of Baptist Churches in North East India (CBCNEI)

B.     Kerala Council of Churches (KLCC)

C.     Ecumenical Council of Drought Action and Water Management (ECoDAWM)

Day 10 A.     Evangelical Lutheran Church in Madhya Pradesh (ELCMP)

B.     Madhya Pradesh Council of Churches (MPCC)

C.     Indian Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (ISPCK)

Day 11 A.     Good Samaritan Evangelical Lutheran Church (GSELC)

B.     Maharashtra Council of Churches (MHCC)

C.     Inter – Church Service Association (ICSA)

Day 12 A.     Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chotanagpur (GELC)

B.     North East India Christian Council (NEICC)

C.     Lott Carey Baptist Mission in India (LCBM)

Day 13 A.     Hindustani Covenant Church (HCC)

B.     North West Frontier Christian Council (NWFCC)

Day 14 A.     Jeypore Evangelical Lutheran Church (JELC)

B.     Lutheran World Service India Trust (LWSIT)

Day 15 A.     Malabar Independent Syrian Church (MISC)

B.     North West India Council of Churches (NWICC)

C.     National Council of YMCA’s of India (NC’YMCA-I)

Day 16 A.     Malankara Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church (MJSOC)

B.     Santalia Council of Churches (SCC)

C.     National Missionary Society of India (NMSI)

Day 17 A.     Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church (MOSC)

B.     Tamil Nadu Christian Council (TNCC)

C.     Student Christian Movement of India (SCMI)

Day 18 A.     Mar Thoma Syrian Church (MTSC)

B.     Uttar Pradesh Council of Churches (UPCC) & Uttarakhand Council of Churches (UKCC)

C.     The Leprosy Mission (TLM)

Day 19 A.     Mennonite Brethren Church (MBC)

B.     United Evangelical Lutheran Church in India (UELCI)

C.     Young Women’s Christian Association of India (National YWCA)

Day 20 A.     Mennonite Church in India (MnCI)

B.     Christian Institute for the Study of Religion and Society (CISRS)

Day 21 A.     Methodist Church in India (MCI)

B.     Christian Literature Society (CLS)

Day 22 A.     Northern Evangelical Lutheran Church (NELC)

B.     Christian Medical Association of India (CMAI)

Day 23 A.     Presbyterian Church of India (PCI)

B.     Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA)

Day 24 A.     Samavesam of Telugu Baptist Churches (STBC)

B.     Ecumenical Church Loan Fund – India (ECLOF)

Day 25 A.     South Andhra Lutheran Church (SALC)

B.     Henry Martyn Institute (HMI)

Day 26 A.     Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church (TELC)

B.     NCCI – Urban Rural Mission

Day 27 A.     The National Organization of the New Apostolic Church (NONAC)

B.     Vidarbha Centre for Labour Concerns (VCLC)

Day 28 A.     The Salvation Army (TSA)
Day 29 A.     Chaldean Syrian Church of the East (CSCE)

B.     India Peace Centre (IPC)

Day 30 A.     Indian Evangelical Lutheran Church (IELC)

B.     Council of Baptist Churches of Northern India (CBCNI)

Day 31 A.     National United Christian Forum (NUCF)