Accompaniment in Action: NCCI-IDEA’s Ecumenical visit to Strengthen Disability Ministry

NCCI’s Indian Disability Ecumenical Accompaniment (NCCI-IDEA) is undertaking an important journey to enhance the ministry of disability within its member churches/organizations. During this transformative visit, the focus will be on engaging with key disability departments and helping member churches/organizations to establish their Disability Ministry, with a focus on the 4A areas: Audit, Accompaniment, Acknowledgement, and Advocacy.

Visit to CSI SEVA and DISHA Project

In the first phase, a meeting was organized with Church of South India’s Diaconal Ministry, CSI SEVA, and its DISHA project which coordinates disability works. On April 11th, 2024, an analysis was conducted and the Disability works happening through DISHA was discussed. A significant online meeting is planned that will bring disability coordinators from all dioceses of CSI to enhance, start, and amplify the Disability inclusion of the dioceses. The SEVA director, Rev. Navagnana Prasad, DISHA coordinator Dr. Jason, and the SEVA team collaborated closely with NCCI Ecumenical Fora Executive Secretary Rev. Ribin John at the CSI Synod, marking a promising step forward.

Engaging with ECI Evangelical Churches

On April 10th, 2024, IDEA visited the Evangelical Churches in India (ECI) to discuss and review the newly initiated disability ministry of the church. The ministry is coordinated by Rev. Wesley Jaya Sathya under the leadership of Rt. Rev. Kathiroli Manickam. The visit was productive and fruitful, with the Bishop offering visionary support towards enhancing disability inclusion within the church community. Plans were made for a pastors’ retreat within ECI to sensitize and empower them towards disability inclusion. This will pave the way for a more understanding and inclusive congregation.

Collaboration with UELCI for Disability Ministry Expansion

Discussion with Ms. Beryl Logan, the Disability Coordinator of United Evangelical Lutheran Churches in India (UELCI), centred on inspiring all 14 Lutheran Churches under UELCI to initiate disability ministries that cater to their unique contexts. In the month of May, a meeting is being planned at the NCCI headquarters to kickstart this collaborative effort. The aim is to bring together leaders/representatives of Lutheran Churches who are committed to promoting disability inclusion in their respective Lutheran Churches.


Rev. Ribin JohnExecutive Secretary, NCCI- Ecumenical Fora

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