Swami Agnivesh: Tribute to a Great person

The National Council of Churches in India expresses its deepest condolences on the demise of Swami Agnivesh. He was an ardent sojourner of ecumenical movements including the World Council of Churches, Christian Conference of Asia and National Council of Churches in India.

India has lost a prophetic voice who spoke out against injustice, exclusivism and marginalisation. As a friend of the common people and a courageous leader, he showed his selflessness in fighting for the least and the lost.

A champion of human rights and interreligious amity, his stand against fundamentalism and conservativism acted as a check for all kinds of extremism within religions. His determination to stand for these causes, despite the physical assaults he encountered, made him distinct.

As India mourns his passing, NCCI fondly remembers his contributions to humanity. We realize that a seer who fought several battles for the cause of the masses is no longer with us, but we believe that his works will speak of his generosity of spirit for years to come.


 Rev Asir Ebenezer,
General Secretary

12th September 2020

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