Preparing for the Good Work: NCCI CMAI Webinar on Pastoral Care in COVID times

Thursday 16th July 2020, 11 AM to 1 PM


The COVID 19 pandemic is growing to indescribable proportions. People on the ground, be it clergy, church goers or health care workers, are confronted daily with life realities related to health, social, economic and pastoral issues that need an immediate response.. The pandemic as we know affects the poor, the marginalised and those with co-morbid conditions disproportionately.

The solutions that have been offered to both the public and religious communities are to ‘go online’ and ‘lockdown’, practise hygiene and physical distancing. However, as we have become increasingly aware, these are solutions for those in the upper echelons of society. The poor need to earn a daily wage and cannot afford to be locked down. Children from poor families cannot be educated ‘online’ which is only going to spoil their future and that of the nation. Many communities in India don’t have water to wash their hands and use mud and ash even today. They live in single room homes and social distancing is not at all a practical solution for them.

Projections for the next few months are unpredictable. It is as if the worst is yet to come, and the bubble is about to burst. If in the days to come people, even those being tested positive for corona, are to be treated at home. Those who have been affected or infected by the virus are also facing intense stigmatisation which will further lead to people not accessing care.

As a church, who can we support ‘online’ and how can we address issues that need face to face interaction. The National Council of Churches in India (NCCI) in collaboration with The Christian Medical Association of India (CMAI) seeks to help Churches and Christian/ Ecumenical organisations be those Christ communities that are equipped with knowledge and skills in dealing with any eventuality both in families and as communities in neighbourhoods.

Objectives of the Webinar:

NCCI and CMAI seeks

  • To showcase or espouse ways in which church can be a healing ‘community’ during the pandemic
  • To share processes which families and communities need to know about managing people at home supported by the neighbourhood communities.
  • To equip pastors, frontline workers and members of the church with information and practical guidance on addressing the spiritual and physical needs of the families in crisis and those bereaved – both on account of the disease and while the pandemic holds sway.
  • To encourage the church to be strong and courageous to respond and support the families and communities.

Webinar Format:

Questions are invited NOW from prospective participants to the webinar on any questions, doubts and apprehensions that they may have on Pastoral care and counselling during COVID times. You can write this in the registration form. You can also write to A panel of experts in the field of Law, Pastoral care and counselling will be providing information based on the questions raised.

Panel of experts

  • Justice (Rtd.) Kurien Joseph
  • Rt. Rev. Sameer Khimla
  • Dr. Santosh Mathew
  • Dr. Suviraj John
  • Ms. Bharati Jaravta
  • Rev. Dr. Israel David
  • Ms. Jessica Richard
  • Rev. Vinod Victor (Facilitator)

Proposed Date & Time

Thursday 16th July 2020, 11.00 am – 01.00 pm


Bishops, Pastors and Mission workers, Members of youth fellowships in churches, Christian health care workers who are willing to accompany such communities in their preparedness for the pandemic will attend. To attend the webinar, please register here

 Most important:

If you have a question or doubt that you would like the panel of experts to discuss,

please write in registration form or mail to


Rev. Asir Ebenezer                                                                                                                             Dr. Priya John

General Secretary NCCI                                                                                                                General Secretary CMAI


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