Rising from the Ashes . . .

NCCI Statement on Delhi violence

Humanity has been knocked down one more time. Our houses burnt. Our kindred killed. Our peace destroyed, and future betrayed. We have not learnt from our past. In what happened in parts of New Delhi, our national capital, we have been brought down to ashes once again.

Many sections of the Christian community observe Ash Wednesday today. To them it is a day of beginning a season to revisit the past, make amends where necessary, and resolve to move on …an opportunity to rise from the ashes.

On a day such as this we appeal to the members of the different Christian traditions to facilitate each other, and all others of different faith traditions and ideological persuasions in their neighbourhoods, to rise from the ashes. We will not be cowed down. We will rise.

We condemn the dastardly attack on the vulnerable and the weak in different locations of Delhi, the explicit or implicit complicity and tacit approval of those in power and authority, and the blame game to cover inaction and poor response to early warnings.

We appeal to the Churches and Christian Organisations in the vicinity of the affected areas to respond appropriately to those in need.

We urge our constituents everywhere to stand in solidarity with victim communities in their locales and foster an atmosphere of peace and human security across the country. We will not be overcome. WE SHALL OVERCOME. On Ash Wednesday, we resolve to rise from the Ashes

Our prayers remain with the bereaved, and also with the injured persons and their families. The NCCI stays committed and available to the amelioration of the sufferings of the individuals, families and communities affected in the violence of the last few days in Delhi.

In solidarity,
On behalf the NCCI Leadership,

Rev. Asir Ebenezer
General Secretary

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