The National Council of Churches in India

Rev. Dr. A. G. Augustine Jeyakumar

Executive Secretary, UELCI & Treasurer, NCCI

A Tribute

The National Council of Churches in India (NCCI) pays respectful homage to the living memories and rich heritage of its Treasurer Rev. Dr. A. G. Augustine Jeyakumar, Executive Director of the United Evangelical Lutheran Churches in India (UELCI), who received his home call on Reformation Day Thursday 31st October 2019. The President and the office bearers of the NCCI recognise and acknowledge with deep gratitude the guidance and services of the Rev. Dr. A. G. Augustine Jeyakumar, both as a member of the NCCI Executive Committee since 2008 and as its Treasurer since the year 2012; a tall ecumenical leader of the Lutheran Reformation tradition.

A committed servant to the liberating Gospel of Jesus the Christ, Dr. Jeyakumar endeared himself to the most deprived persons of the community, the dalits and all persons of the marginalised sections of the society, in the realisation of their dreams and aspirations. He had a keen eye to spot talent and groomed such persons for the service of the church in society.

The Rev. Dr. A. G. Augustine Jeyakumar was first and foremost a churchman. His deep passion for the ministries of the Church was evident in both his perspective of churches’ mission as well as in the implementation of its projects. He desired the relevance of church in society and spent all his life working toward the realisation of this desire.

A keen ecumenist, a shrewd administrator, a challenging yet reliable partner in mission, a friend, deep thinker, strategist and architect of many a plan, Dr. Augustine Jeyakumar stood a head above shoulder amidst his well wishers and critics alike. His penchant for discipline and commitment to keep to deadlines stood him in good stead.

In the National Council of Churches in India he is fondly remembered for thinking through his heart, his sharp observations and guidance in the fields of governance, administration and finance, his deep love for all staff and the support staff in particular, and his motivation and unwavering support to the Executive Secretaries in the discharge of their duties.

May his memory abide in the remembrance of the everlasting love that he showered on us all; may he be remembered in our walk of faith and persistence toward life affirmation; and may his tribe increase as we emulate his passion for the justice to all God’s people and every creation of God.


Rev. Asir Ebenezer
General Secretary, NCCI

New Delhi, 1 November 2019

On behalf of the President, Vice-Presidents, members of the Executive Committee, and staff of the NCCI offices in Nagpur and in Delhi

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