Telugu Baptist Women’s Convention (TBWC) Centenary Celebration

The Telugu Baptist Women’s Convention (TBWC) was established in 1918 in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. All the Telugu Speaking Baptist Church women are the members of TBWC. Geographically the TBWC is divided into five Regions  (Southern Region,   Northern Region, Central Region,  Western Region and Deccan Region)  and 30 Fields. More than 1001 Baptist Churches are members of TBWC. There are more than 2,00,000 Telugu Baptist Women in the four States of India.

According to its Constitution, the TBWC  is an Autonomous Body. It has it’s own Executive committee, elected by the General body of TBWC. The TBWC is however ecumenically related to the churches in the 5 regions.

This year the TBWC Centenary Celebrations were held in Stantan Memorial Baptist Church, Kurnool, A.P from 17th to 19th October 2018. It was attended by 2070 delegates. The celebration was graced by ecumenical leaders including:

 1. Rev.Dr.Roger Gaikwad, General Secretary, National Council of Churches in India
2. Rev.Dr.Prof.Thathapudi Immanel, Secretary, Board of Theological Education of the Senate of  Serampore College
3. Rev.Dr.A.J.Prabhakar, Principal, Andhra Christian Theological College
4. Rev.Mrs.Pankaja Manilal, Vice President, Association of Theologically Trained Women in India
5. Mrs.Elizabeth Joseph,Treasurer, ATTWI
6. Bishop Pushpalalitha, Nandyal Diocese, Church of South India
7. Rev. Dr. R. R. D. Sajeevaraj, Board Chairman, ACTC

During the centenary celebration,  7 Women were ordained for full time ministry. Today there are 100 Ordained women in TBWC. This is a  major achievement for women among Telugu Baptist churches.
The Theme of the centenary convention was :

Celebrating the Legacy,

Visioning the Future.

Living the Jubilee

All the speakers are delivered wonderful messages. God was glorified through their Spirit filled preaching.
The Host Church provided wonderful and comfortable accommodation to all the 2070 delegates.

Reported by

Rev. Dr. P. SyamalaSukumar,

Executive Secretary TBWC,

President, ATTWI

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