Relief and Rehabilitation work in Chennai by Church of South India (CSI)

This is an email received from Rev. Dr. D. R. Sadananda, General Secretary of Church of South India (CSI) updating us about the calamitous situation in Chennai and the response of CSI, through its Diaconal Ministry CSI-SEVA that has been coordinating with the Dioceses in carrying out relief operations in flood affected areas. We solicit your prayers and support for the Chennai situation.

Dear Dr. Roger Gaikwad,

Greetings from the CSI Synod Secretariat!

Thank you very much for your email expressing NCCI’s solidarity with those affected by the Chennai floods. You aware that Chennai and different parts of Tamilnadu are still reeling under flooding caused by breached tanks and release of water from tanks and dams. This is considered to be due to effects of climate change and underlines our immediate and urgent commitment to climate justice.
csireliefworkThe situation is unprecedented and has caught the population and administration unaware. But for a responsive neighbourhood that rose up to the occasion, the distress would have been many folds more. Social media was used as a great force multiplier in the process. The local churches have responded immediately. The Church and School/ Institution premises in many places have accommodated people. Local congregations in the affected and neighbouring areas have been distributing food packets, blankets and drinking water.
Thank you for your readiness to stand in solidarity with the people who have suffered a great loss because of the floods in Chennai. Thank you for the prayers, for the words of encouragement and comfort. The CSI-SEVA (Diaconal Ministry) has been co-ordinating with our Dioceses and is carrying out the need assessment in the flood affected areas.

You may kindly visit our web page, for daily updates. The CSI Face Book page, also contains details of our interventions. We will keep you informed on the developments and the details of the relief work through CSI SEVA.
In the next phase of resettling the victims in their homes when the water goes down, dry ration, non-food items, clothing and hygiene kits will be required. An estimated minimum of one million people are affected. The need is enormous. The community has great expectations from the local church. The local church has already stretched beyond its limits in responding immediately.
We solicit your prayers and support in helping the worst affected poor families to weave back their lives together in dignity.

Warm regards

Yours sincerely

Rathnakara Sadananda

Rev. Dr. D. R. Sadananda
General Secretary-CSI & Hon. Secretary CSI TA
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