Nepal earthquake situation needs your prayers and help

nepal-earthquakeThe Earthquake situation in Nepal and parts of India has claimed more than 3700 lives at the latest count, and several thousands of casualties are continuing to be dealt with. The figures could rise higher depending on the condition of vulnerable mountain villages that rescue workers are still struggling to reach two days after the disaster. The aftershocks occurring after the earthquake, of which there have been more than 20, continue to inflict damage on buildings already weakened by previous activity and endanger the lives of many more.

The quake, worst in last 81 years, is proving to be a huge challenge to rescue and relief operations. However, help has come from all sides and emergency operations are underway. Even Christian organizations like Lutheran World Relief, Christian Aid, Dan Church Aid, and Mennonite Central Committee are actively engaged in relief work
This calamity brings us closer to each other as cohabitants of God’s earth, undivided by borders, religions and languages. Let us pray for and support the relief and rehabilitation efforts being made. Let us uphold in prayers our sisters and brothers affected by the earthquake, asking God, the Caring One, to bless us with Divine Peace, Comfort and Hope amidst the humanly disconsolate state of affairs we are witnessing and experiencing.

It is at such times that we can give substance to the values of humanity and love that we profess and hold dear.


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