Indian Theological Educators and Church Leaders Delegation to China. A Report

 The Church and Christian Theological Education in Contemporary China:

An Edifying Visit of Delegation of Indian Theological Educators and Church Leaders

Indian delegation Holy Trinty Church ShanghiIn 1987 a Chinese delegation led by Bishop K.H. Ting visited churches and Christian organizations in India. Twenty-five years later, another Chinese delegation consisting of 6 members led by Rev. Dr. Chen Yilu, visited India from August 17 to 27, 2013. This visit was facilitated by the Foundation for Theological Education in Southeast Asia (FTESEA) having Rev. Dr. H.S. Wilson as its Executive Director. The delegation visited Kolkata, Serampore, Delhi, Agra, and Bangalore. The members of the delegation considered it to be a very meaningful trip as they got to visit theological colleges, churches and church organizations, thereby gaining an insight about India, in particular about the life and ministries of the Church in India, along with some of its cultural expressions. A bond of friendship was thus established between the Chinese friends and Indian church leaders and theologians. This paved the way for a reciprocal visit of Indian theological educators (represented by the Board of Senate of Serampore College) and church leaders (represented by the National Council of Churches in India) to China from November 13 to 22, 2014.This programme was again facilitated by FTESEA through Rev. Dr. H. S. Wilson…With CCCTSPM colleagues

Please click here to download the full report of this visit

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