Nagpur | July 7, 2014

The National Council of Churches in India has a fully functional and updated website at However, having a website is no longer enough, as we need to be engaging wherever its target online users happen to be which includes facebook, blogs and other online social networking hubs. The need was felt to avail of the various functionalities of online social networking tools for the purpose of:

  1. Wider Networking and providing information;
  2. Organizational visibility and providing a common platform for dialogue and discussion;
  3. Information exchange including opinion gathering and improved decision-making;
  4. Creating more communication spaces;
  5. Expanding to mobile (becoming more prevalent) applications for news and networking;
  6. Quicker dissemination of information and quicker feedback;
  7. Suitability and adaptability to the quick changes in our situation;
  8. Etc.

As part of its program relating to systems upgrade, streamlining communication processes and increasing efficiency, NCCI Commission on Communications and Relations has revamped NCCI’s online communications. Please note below the online networking tools that will be in use now.


Go to:

(Please visit our facebook page and click on “Like”. You can also click on “Get notifications” from the same button. Participate in discussions and voice your comments)


Go to:

(Visit the page for options to share, comment, subscribe, etc. You can subscribe yourself for email updates. Keep updated of NCCI news)


Now you can get NCCI news on your android mobile phone when connected to the internet and using our NCCI News app.

To download  the NCCI NEWS APP for your android phone  CLICK HERE

On July 7, 2014, Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad, General Secretary of National Council of Churches in India launched the systems and processes clearing them for official use with immediate effect. He expressed his wish for these tools to be a channel of blessing, healing, hope and restoration to the people in the online community who, despite virtual identities, are real people contending with real situations in the real world. He also noted that the NCCI has to keep step with modern technology to continue being relevant to changing situations and emerging needs of people. Various tools of Online Communication and networking will be used by NCCI Secretaries to ensure smoother and faster flow of communications and network functions.

With the focus on grassroots ecumenism, it is hoped that the tools in use now will create spaces and pathways not only for connections, but for real communication across regions and various barriers rendered possible by the offerings of internet technology.

Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad

General Secretary, NCCI

Rev. Caesar J. David

Executive Secretary, Commission on Communications and Relations, NCCI

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