Sing the Song of Love ….Rise! Strike! Dance! to Break the Silence and Puncture the Culture of Gender Based Violence

One Billion Rising Join the Revolution – Break the Silence 

1 in 3 women across the planet continue to face domestic  violence or raped during her lifetime. That’s ONE BILLION WOMEN AND GIRLS. Every February through March 8th, thousands of ‘Risings’ take place in hundreds of countries across the world and within local communities – to show the world what one billion looks like and shine a light on the rampant impunity and injustice that survivors of various forms of violence face. People around the world rise through dance to express rage against injustices, and the power of global solidarity and collective action. They dance to express joy and community and celebrate the fact that together, violence can be defeated. They rise to show a determination to create a new kind of consciousness – one where violence will be resisted until it is unthinkable
This Lenten season as we observed Valentine’s Day on 14 February 2016 and also International Women’s Day is on threshold ( March 8),  All India Council of Christian Women the Women’s Wing of National Council of Churches in India invites fellow pilgrims of justice and peace to engage in advocacy to end the culture of gender based violence.  Join the revolution “One Billion Rising” against violence on women, girls and children by ‘Breaking the Silence’ and engaging in advocacy activities during this period ( 14th February – 8th March.)
We invite you, your church and women’s fellowship, organization to accompany us and promote AICCW’s Campaign “365 Days Zero Tolerance to Gender Based Violence: Make it Happen Now” in your own churches, communities and families.
“Sing the Song of Love … Strike! Dance! Rise! Break the Silence”
You sang the songs of love to mum when I was in her womb
But when I was born why did you abandon me and mum because I am a girl child?
You went to church regularly
Read the scripture that both male and female are created in image of God
Then why did you deny me of the same privileges of education as my brother?
You kissed me with bunch of red roses on Valentine’s Day 
Walked me down the aisle with proud smile on your face
You said I am your beloved and better half 
But then why did you torture me for dowry?
You said that you love me more than your life
But tell me why did you batter me day after day?
Why did you choke my voice with your threats?
Why do you instill fear in me and make me carry the burden of guilt and shame?
You told me I am a talented and hard working woman
But yet   you paid me less than my male colleagues for same work?
In work place you have ‘Gender Justice Polices’ safe in crimson paper files
Tell me then why I am deprived of my dignity and rights in work place?
You said the church is safe place for women a place for healing 
But then why was I wounded when I broke the silence?
Tell me why you prayed and then glorified my pain as sacrifice and a virtue?
You preach from pulpit ‘Discipleship of Equals’  
 Tell me why then you do not acknowledge me and my sisters to be part of body of Christ.
You say we are called to be stewards in Creator’s Oikos 
But then why do you pollute our rivers take away our natural resources?
Why do you harness the rhythms of our   rivers with dams and control flow of water?
Tell me why I cannot give fresh drinking water to my children?
Tell me why I spend hours in the field under the blazing copper sun sowing rice saplings
Yet my children go to bed hungry craving for a hot bowl of rice.
You empower people on climate change and fund our projects
But then why do you dump nuclear wastes in our seas?
Tell me why in the name of development you plunder and rape mother earth?
Why you fight wars and kill people for oil and water?
Why do you rape our daughters and their bodies become battle field to shame our community and nation?
Why do you take away our lands where the spirit of our ancestors dwells?
And force us to migrate to unknown lands?
Tell me why you make us refugees
And our sons terrorists and daughters sexual slaves ?
Sisters and brothers Rise! Strike! Dance! 
Sing songs of love stripped of violence to break the silence,
Rise as Christ has risen to set us free.
Our hope is the empty tomb.
Strike hard to break free from shackles of bondage of violent love
Dance with rhythms of power of   broken body to share your stories
Beat the drums of your soul to break the silence.
Sing the song of love to heal one another.
Sisters and brothers Rise! Strike! Dance!
Puncture the culture of gender based violence.
Reflection by : Moumita Biswas ( Executive Secretary – All India Council of Christian Women)

Advocacy Resource Material : All India Council of Christian Women – Women’s wing NCC India
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