Homage to Justice Dr. V. R. Krishna Iyer

iyerThe National Council of Churches in India is deeply saddened by the demise of the world renowned and a genuine Indian Human Right defender Honourable Justice. Dr. V. R. Krishna Iyer.

Dr. V R Krishna Iyer was socially sensitized and spiritually kindled judiciary and a moral rebel against human injustice. He was a peace lover and a visionary.
Without being a member of any political party, he associated himself with political figures, freedom fighters, social reformers, constructive public workers and, with his wife, helped women’s organizations and backward classes including fishing communities. Compassion was his passion.  He identified himself with human rights causes and poor litigants found a defender in him.

He was an architect of the water resources of  Kerala, and  as Police Minister and Prisons Minister Krishna Iyer did considerable corrective measures humanizing these institutions and framed Human Right charter and guidelines. Rehabilitation and prison transformation were his pioneering work.

As a judge his democratic convictions, people-oriented jurisprudence, versatile experience as legislator and minister and his fruitful pen power and administrative skill served him to shape the rule of law so as to run close to the rule of life. He was an advocate for judicial remedies and it got re-incarnated in him as robed reality in some measure. His Liberal, Labour-friendly and social justice guided hermeneutics liberalised the court and decolonised its jurisprudence.  In the history of Supreme Court Justice Krishna Iyer was and is a leading light.

Justice Dr. Krishna Iyer demonstrated his tremendous capacity to relate law to social needs and social justice. He believed that ‘law is what law does’ and invoked the judicial process imaginatively and creatively instilling new hopes in the minds of millions of his countrymen.

His demise made a huge vacuum in the social justice field. NCCI thank God for his life and believe that, his soul will not rest in peace unless the last person of the world is being protected by Human Rights. Let his life inspire the Social Justice Movements.

With grieves and prayers

Commission on Justice, Peace and Creation

National Council of Churches in India

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