Strongly Condemn Gruesome Acts of Violence on Minors in Badaun

A Protest Organised by the undersigned at Jantar Mantar
Thursday 5th June (World Environment Day) 10:00 am – 11:30 am
It is such a paradox, that on World Environment Day, where the Tree symbolizing as Hope for Life, has been used to hang and take away the lives of two young innocent girls at Badaun. Even as there is uproar over this crime, another girl is allegedly hung to the tree after being raped in Sitapur and a woman judge raped in Aligarh.
Time and again, women and girls are the prime targets of violence and the most recent brutal gang rapes in the small village of Badaun District of UP confirm this.
Where does one go for justice?
How can the perpetrators be brought to trial? What is the society’s response? Where is the government’s accountability? These are only few of the unending questions that are troubling us, and as citizens of this country, we demand that there needs to be a stop to ALL such horrendous acts of violence. This is unacceptable in the eyes of any civilized society.

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