A Wheel Chaired Santa… made the Christmas Celebration Meaningful


A wheel-chaired Santa graced the Christmas Celebration of the Persons with Disabilities (PWD). This radical imagery of Santa on wheel chair rather than his regular sleigh or dance rung hard in the minds of the participants. 8th December 2017 marked a one of a kind celebration with over 250 people and over 100 persons with disabilities who made it to this historic eventful Christmas celebration. Neither the foggy winter nor the chill wind that brushed the people could move the people present as they joyfully participated in some soul inspiring and mind boggling renditions of the Children with disabilities. The Children enthralled the participants by their thought provoking and energized engagement.

NCCI-IDEA’s 2nd Christmas Celebration of the Persons with Disabilities (PWD) embedded with the core PWD expectations of inclusion, justice, identity and dignity. The children and the persons with disabilities, who came in numbers to spell the good news of the season, ornamented the celebration. Before the children presented their artistic Christmas messages, the people who came there were inquisitive on seeing question marks everywhere. This inquisitivity drew the audience to reflect on what that question marks could mean.

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International Day of the Persons With Disabilities

(3rd December 2017)

Respected and Dear Church Leaders, Colleagues and Friends,

Season’s Greetings from NCCI-IDEA!

Christmas is a time to share the gift of the love of God with the World. Very specifically it is a remembrance of the birth of Christ and its relevance in our context today. Christian communities around the globe are celebrating Christmas, with an expectation of God coming again to the World to realize God’s reign by creating just and inclusive communities, through various creative observances such as visiting, and celebrating with, the socially and religiously excluded communities.

In this context, the NCCI – Indian Disability Ecumenical Accompaniment has started organizing a  ‘SPECIAL CHRISTMAS EVENT’ since last year. This Christmas Celebration is special because it is  celebrated ‘BY’, ‘WITH’ and ‘FOR’ the PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES’. In fact,  this is not merely a program that objectifies people with disabilities but makes us to be part of the God’s reign that promotes and affirms ‘Justice and Inclusivity’.

The 2nd Christmas Celebration of Persons with Disabilities is scheduled to be held on 8th December 2017  (Friday) at the NCCI Campus, Civil Lines, (near State Bio-Diversity Office), Nagpur – 440001 at 3.30 pm. It is a 90 minutes long programme by Children and People with Disabilities.

During this auspicious time of festivities, we earnestly solicit your presence in this Christmas of the Persons with Disabilities. Your presence will not only make us glad, but also pass on a message to the society that you stand in solidarity with, and advocate for the Human Dignity and Respect of, Persons with Disabilities, as we journey toward “Just and Inclusive Communities” of God’s people.

Therefore, we earnestly welcome each and every one of you to this important celebration.

Come… let us share the joy of Christmas, with persons with disabilities, and be reformed.

Sincerely Yours,

Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad


Rev. R. Christopher Rajkumar


Mrs. G. Cynthia Shinde


Note:   Please share this information with your congregations and related  networks.

             Refreshments will be served at 3.30 and the Programme will start sharply   at 4.00 pm

RSVP: Mrs. Cynthia Shinde 9175427869 and Mr. Vinod Shemron 8310659049


The Ecumenical Council for Drought and Water Management – ECODAWM (NCCI Member) is organizing a Rally in Visakapatnam (AP) on the 3rd Dec 2017.

2nd National Engage Disability 2017 Conference

National Council of Churches in India

Indian Disability Ecumenical Accompaniment (NCCI -IDEA)

Most Respected Church Leaders,

Greetings from the NCCI – IDEA!

This is for your kind information that, the ‘ Engage Disability’ Network is holding its 2nd National Engage Disability 2017 Conference in Chennai from 14 – 16 November 2017 jointly hosted by the Church of South India Synod.

Hence, on behalf of the Engage Disability Team, the NCCI – IDEA  would like to invite you and your organization to be part of the 2nd National Engage Disability 2017 conference.   

See the brochure at

Date: 14th – 16th November 2017 

Venue: Laity Institute for Transformation Education (LITE), 17, Balfour Road, Chennai 600010.


This 2nd National conference builds on the Engage Disability movement which began with the 2014 Engage Disability Conference.  This was a watershed moment with nearly 450 people  from 100 organisations and churches coming together to strengthen the response to disability in India (declaration attached).  This moment turned into a movement.  Since 2014 the Engage Disability Network has been working with Christian partners across India to train Christians, produce resources and tool-kits, and meet in the regions to form a Christian response to disability.

The objectives of the 2017 conference are:
·       To bring together like-minded people and organisations who have a heart  for disability.
·       To develop strategies for ministry alongside those with disabilities in Christian Community.
·       To equip church leaders for disability inclusion in the Christian Community.
·       To identify leaders with disabilities who can speak about disability issues in the Christian Community.

For further information contact Jessica ( 9841198695) or

Sylvia (  They will endeavor to help you as soon as possible.



Mrs. Glory Cynthia Shinde


NCCI – Indian Disability Ecumenical Accompaniment


National Council of Churches in India 

Indian Disability Ecumenical Accompaniment

Nagpur Inter-Faith Round Table on Disability,

7 – 9 Aug 2017, Nagpur, India.

 All Faiths Commit to work towards Inclusive Communities.

The Indian Disability Ecumenical Accompaniment (IDEA) is an Ecumenical Initiative of the NCCI. The  IDEA aims to facilitate the Member Churches to be disabled-friendly and accompany the Persons With Disabilities (PWDs), theologically, ministerially and diaconally.

From 7 to 9 August the NCCI – IDEA organised an Interfaith Round Table on Disability in Nagpur, India by joining hands with the World Council of Churches – Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network (WCC -EDAN),  Spalding Trust, Church of Ireland, World Vision India and Christian Service Agency. There were  seventy representatives including those with Disabilities (PWDs) hailing from eight different faith backgrounds,  as clerics, theologians, academicians, practitioners representing the traditions of Baha’i, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Indigenous community, Islam, Jainism and Sikhism.  The round table conversed  on how religions look at PWDs, deliberated upon the status and place accorded by Holy Scriptures to such persons, what is God’s view on PWDs in different faiths and also on how faith communities look at PWDs. We discussed about the role of faith communities in promoting and inculcating the culture of inclusion in faith communities and in society.

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Interfaith Round Table on Disability

Interfaith Round Table on Disability

National Council of Churches in India

Indian Disability Ecumenical Accompaniment

Interfaith Round Table on Disability

August 7 – 9, 2017, Pallottine Animation Centre, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Press Note

The NCCI – Indian Disability Ecumenical Accompaniment (IDEA) is organizing an ‘Interfaith Round Table on Disability from 7 – 9 August 2017 at Pallottine Animation Centre, Nagpur.  It is jointly organised by the World Council of Churches – Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network, Spalding Trust, World Vision India and Christian Service Agency. The theme for the Round Table is “Faith Journey Together Towards ‘Inclusive Communities’”

It is a first event of its kind. There would be around 60 participants including clerics, theologians and academicians from  major faiths including Baha’i, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Indigenous Traditions, Jainism, and Sikhism  from all over India.

This Round Table aims to…

  • invite different faith communities, to engage in conversing on ‘disability’ from their own faith and theological perspectives and experiences;
  • suggest and facilitate ‘faith-alliance building’ among the faith communities at leadership and religious adherents’ levels to serve PWDs and strengthen advocacy and policy development initiatives.

Features of this Round Table are …

  • Listening to Scriptures: “ What do our ‘Holy Books’ say about Disability?”
  • Exploring our Religious Traditions: “How do our faith traditions treat PWDs?
  • Examining whether our ‘holy shrines’ are accessible and inclusive.
  • Getting to know the policies and programmes of Governments that ensure inclusion and how faith communities could join together to make those policies accessible to the PWDs and Public.
  • Formulating Common and Collective Faith Based Action Plans.

The inauguration of the Round Table is scheduled on 7th August 2017 at 10:30 am. Honorable Prof. Dr. Siddharthavinayaka P. Kane, the Vice Chancellor of the Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur, and the Most Rev. Dr. Michael G. Jackson, the Arch Bishop of Dublin, Church of Ireland, have consented to be guests of honor at this inauguration. The Rt. Rev. Dr. P. C. Singh – President of NCCI, Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad – General Secretary of NCCI, Rt. Rev. Paul Dupare –  Bishop of Nagpur Diocese, CNI,  Mr. Thomas Cherian –  World Vision of India, Ms. Rachna Singh, Member, Executive Committee – NCCI and Rev. Dr. Joshva Raja – Church of England  have also consented to jointly inaugurate the round table along with Ven. Bhante Dhammashree Sarathi, Mr. Santosh H. Chahande, Mr. Ankit Bhuptani, Janab. Ahammad Kutty, Prof. Dr. Amrit Kaur Basera , Swami  Kedar Joshi Ji and Shri. Hamant Lodha and other faith representatives.  As a mark of  celebrating  unity,  these interfaith leaders  will join the other participants in planting a tree symbolically at 10.30 am in the Pallottine Campus. The Round Table will  conclude on 9th Aug 2017.

The participants will collectively engage in ‘dialogical conversations’ through input sessions, panel discussions, talk-shows, group discussions, practical talks, story-telling and interfaith worship.

For more details please see the Concept Note (.pdf | 371 kb).


Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad
President – IDEA  &
General Secretary NCCI
Rev. R. Christopher Rajkumar
Director – IDEA &
Executive Secretary
NCCI – Unity & Mission
Mrs. Cynthia Shinde
Co-ordinator – IDEA



NCCIIDEA (Indian Disability Ecumenical Accompaniment) is a standing forum of National Council of Churches in India accompanied by the Commission on unity and Mission (incorporating Justice Peace and Creation). NCCI – IDEA  theologically motivates ministerial interventions in encouraging and facilitating the Indian Churches to be inclusive and disabled-friendly. Considering the importance of inclusivity, the XXVIII Quadrennial Assembly of NCCI has chosen a theme ‘Towards… Just and Inclusive Communities’. By this, the Members of NCCI would be encouraged to ensure that their ministerial interventions  result in inclusivity.

Since 2009 the Disability Advocacy Sunday (DAS) is being organized by NCCI – IDEA and several congregations, ecumenical organizations and institutions participate in observing this Sunday every year pro-actively with deeper commitment toward the cause of  People with Disabilities (PWDs). Considering the importance of observing this day, the NCCI Executive Committee in 2011 officially approved of designating the Sunday before the Advent Season as DAS, since 3rd December (the International Day of People with Disability) always falls during Advent when Churches are busy with their Christmas Programmes.

For the past six years the messages of  DAS were focusing on ‘Inclusive Church’. The DASs were aimed to facilitate a paradigm shift from the traditional ministerial approach of Charity to Inclusive and Accompaniment model of mission that affirms disability as a status with self-respect, equality and dignity. Looking over   the celebrations  and the positive responses from the Churches and the local congregations to the observance of DAS, NCCI-IDEA expects  that the congregations have become more open to  PWDs and are more Disabled-friendly.

As an outcome of the Disability Pre-assembly held in Jabalpur from 24 – 26 April 2016, the NCCI-IDEA is mandated to launch a four-year Ecumenical Campaign on “Accessible and Inclusive Congregations” along with its networking partners of the NCCI Members and the Engage Disability networks. This campaign aims to promote  ‘Transparent Inclusion’ and engaging the disabled in the very life and work of the mission and ministries of the Churches as to affirm their Right to Worship and Minister.

This year Churches and the Congregations are encouraged to contemplate on ‘post-inclusion status’ of the congregations. Therefore,  IDEA is suggesting “Under the Roof… A Step Beyond the Stairs” as the theme for DAS – 2016. Through this theme we call upon congregations to be engaged in disabled-friendly ministerial audit at the congregational levels: How inclusive are our Churches and congregations in practising appropriate Ministry, ‘For’, ‘To’ and ‘With’ persons with disabilities?

Every year, NCCI – IDEA assists the Churches and the Congregations with an Order of Worship and a homily outline for DAS observances. This year’s order of worship is developed by a team of PWDs. Since  27th November 2016 is the Sunday immediate prior to the Advent season, IDEA recommends to churches to it as DAS.  In case  you are not able to observe IT on 27th November, please feel free to observe any Sunday that is convenient to you and your congregations.

We are glad to inform you that  churches, organisations and institutions  such as World Council of Churches – Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network, Church of South India –  Disability Intervention for Solidarity and Holistic Accompaniment, Engage Disability and Christian Service Agency are participating in this initiative.

Please download the DAS 2016 Poster and the  Order of Worship 2016 ENGLISH  / Order of Worship 2016 TAMIL

Please visit WCC – EDAN and CSI – DISHA for more details.

Kindly share this information with your fellow ministers and  congregations and also send us reports of your observance of DAS  for our records and media release.

May these observances give deeper meaning to our gatherings and fellowships as ‘koinonia’.

With Prayer and Wishes,

Rev. R. Christopher Rajkumar
Director, NCCI-IDEA
Mrs. Cynthia Shinde
Co-ordinator, NCCI-IDEA
Rt. Rev. Dr. P. C. Singh
President, NCCI
Rev. Dr. Roger Gakwad
General Secretary, NCCI

Report on Two Days Workshop for Caregivers on ‘Modern Approaches to Disability Care’

Two Days Workshop for Caregivers on
‘Modern Approaches to Disability Care’
Date: 16th& 17th April, 2016
Venue: Sachiapuram, Sivakasi, Tamilnadu 

National Council of Churches in India
Commission on Justice, Peace and Creation
World Vision – India
Engage Disability
Tamilnadu Christian Council  &
CSI Diocese of Madurai-Ramnad


A two-day workshop for Care Givers of People with Disability was held at the Elwin Centre, CSI Deaf School Campus, Sachiyapuram, Sivakasi District in Tamilnadu on 16th and 17th April 2016.
World Vision India, Indian Disability Ecumenical Accompaniment (IDEA), standing forum of National Council of Churches in India, Engage Disability, Tamilnadu Christian Council and CSI Diocese of Madurai and Ramnad, jointly organised this workshop. This workshop module was designed to help the Caregivers and Church Leaders not only to cope with the challenges posed while handling a PWD but also to bring awareness about the modern approaches to disability care.
There were 50 participants representing over 20 care giving organizations from 5 districts, including caregivers from 18 Care-Giving Institutions, Parents and Relatives of PWD accompanied by church leaders.
The Rev. Jeyasing, Director, Dalit and Social Concerns of the DMR inaugurated this workshop. Rev. M Dayalan Barnabas, Director, ELWYN Centre introduced the workshop, Prof. C Jebasinthai, Correspondent of CSI School for the Mentally Retarded, Satchiyapuram welcomed and Dr. Esther Kathiroli, Secretary of TNCC, greeted and Mr. Allan Benjamin, World Vision, Chennai and Mrs. Avitha Daniel, Jesus Enables Ministries, Chennai, served as the resource persons. Mr. Augustine Ponraj, Co-ordinator Dalit and Social Concerns, CSI DMR proposed the vote of thanks.
Aims & Objectives:
• To build the capacity of Caregivers in therapeutic techniques while addressing the different issues encountered by them and enabling PWD’s personality resiliency by different techniques
• To share and develop disabled-friendly infrastructural settings in institutions and to campaign for and facilitate their implementation.
• To empower, facilitate and share the use of already existing resources, services and good practices within the networking Care giver Institutions
Session on Mapping the Minds: 
The workshop started with a mapping session, where the expectations of the participants were recorded along with identifying and listing the challenges in care-giving.
Mr. Alan (World Vision India) facilitated this session. The participants were made to work in for identifying their purpose and setting their activities. The groups highlighted the purpose aims and objectives of their respective care-giving Institutions. In another activity, Mr. Alan asked each participant to look at some given pictures (like the candle, tree, ship etc.) and then to write down the seen and unseen character of the picture. This activity not only gave a clear picture of recognizing the hidden talent of person with disability but also the keen observation of the care-giver.
The session was helpful as it enabled the concerned Caregivers to understand themselves and their care-receivers leading to a better proactive mode for understanding modern Approaches to Disability Care.
Session on Qualities of Care-givers: 
Mrs. Avitha Daniel (Jesus Enables Ministries) facilitated a discussion on Different Types of Disabilities, how to approach them, and what should be the qualities of the care-givers. She also initiated a group activity emphasizing on the support through accompaniment needed for the development of the Person/Child with disability. During this activity four persons were chosen to represent each disability where each of them had to take a step forward for every positive thought shared and a step back for every negative thought thus reaching the target finish line. It was amazing to see the positive energy flowing through this activity where each care-giver demonstrated his committed skill in caring for their care-receivers. She went on to highlight the essential qualities required of the care-giver in facilitating the development of children with special needs and also the importance of educating the parents and their relatives about the various existing govt. schemes for the PWDs.
Morning Devotion
The second day (17th April 2016) started with morning devotion. Mr.Paulraj, Headmaster, CSI High School for the hearing impaired, Schiyapuram led the worship and Mr. Allen Shared the word of God.
Session on Modern Approaches to Disability Ministry:
Mrs. Avitha Daniel facilitated this session. She introduced the present and modern approaches to disability work both at technical and at ministerial levels. In this session she also highlighted the unintentional attitudes towards PWDs.
She invited the caregivers to come forward and share their best practices as individuals and as Institutions. This session also included a space for analyzing the traditional institutional attitudes toward PWD. The participants also were inspired to adopt alternate approaches both at administrative and ministerial levels.
Session on Accompanying PWDS:
It Mr. Allen facilitated this session with group activities. Participants were blindfolded and asked to draw a tail for an elephant. Through this activity he shared the importance of accompanying and guiding the PWD to give their best potentials. This activity was found useful and the participants were inspired to decide to become the best possible accompaniers.
The Concluding Session:
Mrs. Avitha Daniel facilitated the concluding session of the workshop. This was an eye opening activity for the participants to understand the challenges faced by a PWD in this inaccessible society because in this scenario the PWDs completely trust their Care-giver/accompanier’s guidelines in accomplishing their goals or to perform their daily routines and if they do not hear their care-givers voice they become more disabled in this fast moving world. Thus she emphasized the importance of the care-givers role who will not only accompany them but also builds a platform for PWDs to express and share their experiences. Hence the care giver should have genuine concern for their care-receiver. She concluded the session showing a Special Olympics video on a Mentally Challenged Athletic.
The two-day workshop ended with the closing act by, the Rt. Rev. Dr. M. Joseph Bishop, CSI Madurai-Ramnad Diocese and President of TNCC. Bishop invited all the organizations to work towards the inclusive society where every PWD and their families would be accompanied by societies and communities around them. The Office Bearers of the Diocese, Correspondents of the Care-giving institutions and clergies from different ecclesial confessions were part of the inauguration. Mrs. Leela Manohari(Bishop Amma) Rev. I Stanley Jeyaraj, Council Chairman and Rev. Jeyasing were also present. Bishop called the participating PWD members and were given an opportunity to share their learning from this workshop. The workshop ended with prayer and benediction by the Bishop. Mr. Augustin Ponraj and Rev. M. Dayalan Barnabas coordinated this entire workshop.
Outcome of the Workshop:-
Ø Stakeholders/Care-givers understood the impediments faced by a person or child with disability and the use of different techniques that would help the child perform better.
Ø It helped the stakeholders/Caregivers to assess their own capabilities and enhance them  through accompaniment
Ø The participants were empowered to address complex issues when handling or interacting with a PWD
Ø They were able to identify the resources and talents of the PWDs’ by helping them to articulate the same.
Ø They learnt the importance of accompanying the PWDs’ and educating their families about the benefits available for  PWDs
Ø The workshop brought about  intentional attitudinal changes of Care-givers
Moving On!
The participants were very passionate to carry forward their role as caregivers. It was an amazing gathering of people who were willing to learn more and in return give more through effective management of care by adopting the modern approaches of Care–giving. The techniques used for the activities at the workshops were effective to the measure of what was desired. It is intended to expand and replicate the activities in order to stimulate more caregivers to the practice of self-care and self-knowledge, reducing the workload and making care a pleasant experience for both

Over 500 School Children walked for Inclusion saying We do not need your ‘Wheel Chair’ but a ‘Space’.

(In commemoration of the International Day of the Persons with Disabilities – 3 December)

Engage Disability,

Indian Disability Ecumenical Accompaniment – IDEA


St. Ursula Girls High School and Junior College

DSC00635 (1)2015, 15, December, Nagpur. The St. Ursula Girls High School and Junior College is commemorating the International Day for the Persons with Disabilities on Dec 15 joining the Engage Disability a (National Network of the PWDs), Indian Disability Ecumenical Accompaniment (IDEA) a standing forum of National Council of Churches in India, World Vision India (Nagpur), Christian Service Agency and organized a Walkathon with 500 Children from 8 educational institutions including, Seventh Day Adventist Hr. Sec School, Bishop Cotton School in Dharapmpet, Orange City School,  St. Ursula Primary School, Gardener High School,  Bishop Cotton High School – Civil Lines, and St. Ursula Girls High School and St. Ursula Junior College.

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NCCI Celebrating Disability Advocacy Sunday

Disability Advocacy Sunday Theme: Inclusive and Accessible Church
Disability Poster 2015Disability Advocacy Sunday (DAS) is observed on a Sunday before Advent Sunday every year since 2011.
  • is both celebration and challenge.
  • is to celebrate lives and witness of the Persons with Disability (PWDs) amongst us.
  • aims to facilitate the Churches to open their doors to become inclusive, accessible and hospitable to the PWDs to fully participate in the very Life, Mission and Ministers of the Churches.
  • is an opportunity to raise awareness and to find solutions to the physical, architectural, communication and attitude to those with PWDs.
  • is paves ways to the PWDs to participate and lead the worship and liturgies and read scriptures and even ministering the Words of God.
  • is giving a chance for the Churches to review their mission agenda to address the Disability issue differently, creatively and relevantly.

November 6, 2014 is a bench mark year in the faith journey of the NCCI – Indian Ecumenical Disability Accompaniment (IDEA).

No society and Church could declare that, there are no PWDs in us and among us! If any Church is found without a PWD, the DAS is a good time to examine why that is the Church open and actively seeking to make itself to open to all?

India is one of the largest countries that have more PWDs. In our society in the midst of all efforts in making society inclusive and accessible still, the PWDs live in closed and confined spaces.

Many PWDs have less access to education or low education and employment, transportation and life in public.

This context would help us to set our mission agenda for the PWDs inwardly and outwardly.

Disability Advocacy Programme in Raipur Chattisgargh

Indian Disability Ecumenical Accompaniment – IDEA

Commission on Justice, Peace and Creation- National Council of Churches in India

A Regional Consultation on “Churches’ Ministerial Response to Disability”

At CNI Grace Cathedral, Raipur, Chhattisgarh. On the 12th Oct 2015

DSC09292The Engage Disability Regional Hub meeting was held at the CNI Grace Cathedral in Raipur on the 12th Oct 2015. The Chhattisgarh Christian Council organized this meeting with NCCI – IDEA and Christian Service Agency. There were over 100 participants from several churches and institutions in Chhattisgarh State including several PWDs with their families from different backgrounds.

This meeting focused on the theme: Towards Inclusive Community, and aimed to create awareness on disability issues and sensitize the Church to become inclusive, and to defend and affirm the right and dignity of Persons with Disabilities,  and to create disabled-friendly environments in the church and society at large.

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