CASA continues interventions amidst lockdown

The Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) has been continuously striving to mitigate the sufferings of the poor during the lockdown announced to combat COVID 19. We present here CASA’s  second SitRep, along with the covering note of its Director Dr. Sushant Agrawal. We are proud of him and his dedicated team of staff and volunteers. […]

Commiting to the legacy and vision of Babasaheb Dr. B. R.. Ambedkar . . .

The 14th of April every year marks the beginning of a new year for many cultural, social, and linguistic groups in India. These festivities in no way cloud the remembrance of the birth anniversary of Babasaheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. Babasaheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar is the Pride of India, and a Global Icon for […]

At work with the resurrected Jesus, Protect WORK – Protect Life …

When most establishments including businesses and industrial establishments could resort to possible cost cutting on account of the impact of the lockdown, it is the labourer/ worker/ employee who is most vulnerable and seemingly dispensable. The Government authorities have taken measures to make sure that this vulnerable section of society is not held ransom for […]

Living out our Resurrection – in being the in-line Church . . .

Jesus’ commitment to God’s purposes even unto death on the cross could not be held back by the grave. God raised Jesus to life to accompany all who are touched by the resurrection experience. Touched by the experience of resurrection Mary proclaims that the grave could not contain the life that God gives, Peter and […]

Jesus Stills a Storm

The MOST Rev Dr P.C. Singh Bishop of the CNI Diocese of Jabalpur, Moderator Church of North India & President NCCI (27th March 2020) Mark 4:35-41 On that day, when evening had come, he (Jesus) said to them, ‘Let us go across to the other side.’ And leaving the crowd behind, they took him with them […]

We shall overcome . . . COVID 19

Churches – from local congregations/ corps to the Synods/ Councils/ Conferences/ Territories, Christian individuals and institutions, have all responded to the corona crisis. Amidst dealing with their own fears of the situation and also adhering to the advisories of the administration, they have been in the thick of things also caring for the needy and […]