National Council of Churches in India – Ecumenical Entrepreneurs’ Forum


The Ecumenical Entrepreneurs Forum in India envisions a world where God’s love sustains and transforms lives with the values of justice and mutuality upholding diversity and relationships. It sees entrepreneurship as partnership with the creator in redesigning a world where life will be celebrated in abundance by developing a sense of accompaniment and ecological wellbeing.


Ecumenical Entrepreneurs Forum in India is committed to follow the serving legacy of Christian Community in India by contributing and developing an ethical based entrepreneurship which sustains and promote values of wellbeing of the society at large and ecological wellbeing in particular. It sees entrepreneurship as a God given vocation through which entrepreneurs are called to serve the people of God beyond the categories based on ability, religion, caste, creed, gender and economy.


  1. Developing a fellowship of Christian entrepreneurs to create synergy based on Christian values.
  2. Promoting entrepreneurship in partnership with a primary focus of preserving and promoting life.
  3. Inspiring entrepreneurs to make a difference in marketplace by being models of constructive and wholistic involvement in market.
  4. Developing a support system to accompany the budding entrepreneurs by providing internship/training and also to provide assistance to those facing distress in entrepreneurship.
  5. Establishing a network system with national and international entrepreneurs, different chamber of commerce through which entrepreneurship can be enhanced and updated.
  6. Functioning as a lobbying body for addressing specific grievances of Christian entrepreneurs if and when arise.
  7. Providing training in developing eco-friendly entrepreneurship.