• Kairos India Partnership

The Kairos India Partnership (KIP) is an initiative of the National Council of Churches in India (NCCI), the Student Christian Movement of India (SCMI), the Christian Institute for Study of Religion and Society (CISRS) and the National Dalit Christian Watch (NDCW) and others who affirm solidarity with the Global Kairos movements in Palestine, South Africa, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and other places.

What is Kairos?

As the Kairos document records, Kairos is the Greek word denoting “special time of opportunity” invited to confess one’s faith by joining in God’s redemptive activity. Kairos can also be a stream of moments, daily injustices that call us to act in God’s name. Every time we read the signs of our world and see injustice, the very meaning of faith is at stake in our response. Countries like India, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, South Africa have been resisting life-discriminating issues such as racism, casteism, apartheid, illegal occupation of land, and other such brutalities for a long time now. In such a context, KIP, a partnership of churches, faith-based organisations and social justice movements, to affirm solidarity with suffering creation-communities around the world. Today, at the forefront is the Kairos Palestine movement that calls for solidarity with the Palestinians suffering from the Israeli apartheid.

Vinod Shemron .S
Program Executive,
Kairos India Partnership,
National Council of Churches in India