Disability Christmas at St. Ursula Girls School, Nagpur

Disability Christmas

The Disability Christmas Program, a first of its kind at Nagpur especially for PWDs (Person with Disability) was jointly organized by IDEA (Indian Disability Ecumenical Accompaniment), a forum of National Council of Churches in India (NCCI) and the Commission on Youth-NCCI in the evening of 2nd December 2016  at St. Ursula Girls School, Nagpur. The Disability Christmas program was a platform of inspiration and encouragement to see the season of love, joy and happiness from a different perspective. Rev. Rony Jacob (who himself is a person disabled because of an accident) gave an encouraging Christmas message about accepting Christ once again back in our lives. The Mizo Christian Fellowship of Nagpur enthralled the audiences with their beautiful traditional song and dance. The main hallmark of the program was the spectacular presentation by  children with disabilities from Jeevodaya Special School. The presentation touched and inspired the hearts of all the audiences as thunderous claps began from the moment the children began to perform. The program  concluded with  prayer and a group photo shoot.

Many people appreciated the program and some even encouraged the participating bodies to continue organizing this program even in the years to come because such a program  is not only special for the disabled, but it also helps the community to come together in solidarity with, and commitment to the cause of, PWDs within the society.

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