Pride Conversation: Fostering Dialogue Between Church and LGBTQIA Leaders

The Pride Conversation in fostering a more inclusive church environment for the LGBTQIA community was convened by the Tamil Nadu Christian Council alongside the United Evangelical Lutheran Churches of India and the National Ecumenical Forum for Gender and Sexual Diversity (NEFGSD) at its annual Pride Conversation on June 29th 2024, initiated by National Council of Churches in India (NCCI). This year’s event focused on deepening discussion on LGBTQIA+ issues and invites churches in India to show progress on LGBTQIA inclusion.

Key recommendations from the discussions include acceptance of gender non-conforming Children, marriage equality, and better understanding of LGBTQIA issues among church leaders. Additionally, the development of educational modules, medical support for transgender individuals, and inclusive policies within churches are being prioritized.


The 2024 event, focused on LGBI issues saw participation from the Catholic Churches and the National Missionary Society. Fr. Leo from the Catholic Church discussed on the evolving stance of churches on trans community concerns and combating LGBI discrimination. Furthermore, NCCI is actively developing inclusive guidelines and training programs, with increase in participation in Pride walks.

The Pride Conversations concluded with reflections having led to a more inclusive environment within churches in India. Sensitization programs, educational modules, and job opportunities for LGBTQIA individuals are being developed. This commitment to inclusivity lays a strong foundation for future progress in LGBTQIA rights within the Indian Christian community.

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