Ecumenical Entrepreneurs Forum Expands: New Members and Innovative Strategies Highlighted at the EEF Delhi Chapter’s II Meeting

The second meeting of the Delhi Chapter of the NCCI-Ecumenical Entrepreneurs Forum was held on June 19, 2024, at the NCCI Office in Delhi. This meeting welcomed three new members to the chapter, demonstrating its increasing influence and dedication to building a collaborative network of Christian businesspeople in the city. The meeting was attended by NCCI officials, including Rev. Dr. Asir Ebenezer, General Secretary of NCCI, and Executive Secretaries Rev. Dr. Abraham Mathew and Rev. Ribin John. The General Secretary emphasised the relevance of a unified national network of Christian entrepreneurs, highlighting the need for mutual support and innovative business practices aligned with Christian values.

The main session, led by Chapter Coordinator Mr. Samson Theodore, focused on the theme “Business Enablers: Cultivating a Culture of Innovative Strategies for Entrepreneurial Leadership.” In his talk, Mr. Theodore underscored entrepreneurship as a divine calling that transcends age and advocated for a culture of innovation and strategic leadership. He stressed the importance of entrepreneurs supporting each other in their journeys. Following the talk, the chapter engaged in a robust discussion on key issues such as using business as a mission avenue, tackling the challenges of corruption, and the importance of rejecting Islamophobia. The chapter also committed to developing an annual plan, meeting bimonthly at different member locations, and promoting inclusive business practices by creating job opportunities for persons with disabilities. 

The meeting concluded on a high note, with members feeling inspired and equipped with practical strategies for ethical and innovative entrepreneurship.

Rev. Ribin John
Executive Secretary 
NCCI Ecumenical Fora
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