MPCC Strategic planning and coordination session for upcoming Training, Workshops, and Consultation Meetings

Youth, Women & Priests of Member Churches & Institution of NCCI – Madhya Pradesh Christian Council (NCCI-MPCC) in Bhopal met on 17 June 2024 to to plan for up coming training/ workshops/ consultations in the next three months in Bhopal and adjoining districts. It was the second meeting in the series of strengthening NCCI- MPCC. This meeting was hosted by Methodist Church. Kolar, Bhopal. The participants decided to make three clusters 1- Bhopal & Indore Division. 2- Narmadapuram  Hoshangabad Division and 3- Sagar Division to conduct the meetings.

In the meeting, all participants decided to address the issues on-

  1. Advocacy on Constitution / Legal Rights & legal Aid.
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Career orientation  meeting for youth.
  4. Awareness & Sensitization meeting to address Social issues for priests, lay leaders of churches.
  5. Child Protection.

NCCI and NCCI-MPCC request its constituent members to remember MPCC in Prayers and to raise financial support to conduct the Programme / Activities. And Administrative Expenses.

Report Submitted by-
J. Sibloon.
Secretary. MPCC.

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