NCCI-IDEA ISL 2.0 Concludes, Ushering in Hope for Churches and the Hearing-Impaired Community

The National Council of Churches in India – Indian Disability Ecumenical Accompaniment (NCCI-IDEA) hosted a memorable valedictory event for its Indian Sign Language (ISL) 2.0 Batch on June 9th, 2024. This course, which commenced on March 23rd, 2024, saw the enthusiastic participation of 30 students from various regions of India, including the North, Northeast, Central, and Southern states. The course was led by Ms Y Madhurya, whose extensive experience and dedication as an interpreter and teacher of Indian Sign Language greatly benefited the participants. Under her guidance, the students showed great progress, culminating in a celebratory event that highlighted their achievements.

The online valedictory ceremony, held at 6 PM, was a significant occasion attended by students, trainers, and special guests. Out of the 30 enrolled students, 25 received merit certificates, recognising their hard work and commitment to learning ISL. Pastor Rushi from the Nagpur Deaf Fellowship graced the event as the Chief Guest. In his address, he expressed profound joy and appreciation for the efforts of the students in breaking down communication barriers by learning ISL. Rev. Asir Ebenezer, in his valedictory address, inspired the students to continue their journey with ISL, encouraging them to engage with the hearing-impaired community around them. His words were a call to action, urging this ISL batch to make inclusivity a personal mission. Additionally, on Monday, June 10th, five students residing in Nagpur were given certificates offline at the NCCI Nagpur office by the General Secretary.

Students shared touching testimonies, expressing how the three-month course not only taught them a new language but also boosted their confidence and heightened their awareness of inclusivity. They spoke about the transformative experience of learning ISL and the sense of accomplishment they felt. With the conclusion of ISL 2.0, NCCI-IDEA is now looking forward to the next chapter. The success of this course opens the way for ISL 3.0, inviting more individuals to embark on this rewarding journey. It could be your turn next to step into the world of the hearing-impaired community by learning their language and envisioning a more inclusive society. For more information on upcoming courses and how to enrol, follow NCCI’s website, and social media or write to us at Join us in making a difference by bridging communication gaps and promoting inclusivity through the learning of Indian Sign Language.


Rev. Ribin John
Executive Secretary

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