XIII Assembly of the Association of Theologically Trained Women convenes around the Theme, “Reimaging our potential”

In the 45th year of her existence, the XIII General Assembly of the Association of Theologically Trained Women of India, with the theme “Reimaging Our Potential,” saw members from various parts of India coming together for fellowship, celebration, and planning together to move forward as an Association.

The inaugural service led by the President Rev. Jyothi Sunder and the Acting Secretary & Treasurer Rev. Salome Joshua, and the Regional Secretaries of ATTWI (2020-May 2024) set the tone for the deliberations of the two days. Ms. Esther Kathiroli, the Secretary of Tamil Nadu Council of Churches shared greetings and was felicitated as the guest of honour during the service. Rev. Salome Joshua led the members down memory lane. She remembered the pioneers who were instrumental in building the ATTWI and she thanked God for the legacy of women leaders who led ATTWI over the years.

Rev. Dr. Asir Ebenezer, General Secretary of National Council of Churches in India, brought greetings to the Assembly from NCCI as well as on behalf of the other partners of ATTWI – BTESSC and the Senate of Serampore. Prof. Samuel Cornelius, the Hon. Treasurer, CSI Diocese of Madras, felicitated the Assembly and read greetings from the host of the Assembly, Rt. Rev. Sharma Nithyananda, the Bishop-in-Charge, CSI Diocese of Madras, who could not be present. President Rev Jyothi Sundar and Treasurer Rev Salome Joshua recorded their thanks to the CSI Diocese of Madras for magnanimously hosting hospitality for the XIII Assembly of ATTWI at the CSI LITE Centre.

Rev. Jyothi Singh, Executive Secretary of Women Concerns, National Council of Churches in India (NCCI), delivered the keynote address on Embracing Our Identity as Women of God, painting the broad strokes of the tapestry of issues and causes that called to us as theologically trained women who had embraced our identity as women of God.

The Bible study session was moderated by Dr N. Prasuna. Dr. Vedhakani, former New Testament Professor, Masters Theological College, on the theme “Reimaging Our Potential” from Luke 10:38-42 emphasising the discipleship of women.

The first session on “Discovering Our Unique Calling and Gifts and Overcoming Barriers and Challenges,” was presented by Ms. Jessica Richard, National Co-ordinator, Engage Disability and moderated by Rev Angela Veronica.

The second session was a panel moderated by Dr Laila Vijayan, Associate Professor of Old Testament, UTC, Bangalore. One of the panellists Ms. Dakerlin Mukhim, General Secretary, Student Christian Movement of India, delivered her talk on “Unveiling Our Potential – Stories of Empowerment Crafting Action Plans for Personal and Collective growth.”

Ms. Elizabeth Giri, Doctoral student at Gurukul Lutheran Theological College, spoke on the topic, “Developing Leadership for Effective Ministry.”

Discussion on many business matters of ATTWI took place and decisions were taken on plans for progress to address lingering issues, and to secure a better future for ATTWI. In a three-hour long discussion after Rev Jyothi Sundar’s President’s report, the Assembly grappled with many issues related to the financial systems and legal documents of ATTWI.

The President of ATTWI Rev Jyoti Sundar announced the launch of the ATTWI website (www.attwi.in) and inaugurated it in the name of the Triune God.

The newly elected Office Bearers are:

President: Ms. Jessica Richard

Vice President: Ms. Dakerlin Mukhim

Secretary: Rev. Sofia Christabel

Treasurer: Dr. Laila Vijayan

The Regional Secretaries elected in the Assembly:

          1. Andhra Pradesh – Ms. Shantha Kumari
          2. Kerala – Ms. Minitha
          3. Karnataka – Vacant
          4. North 2- Ms Elizabeth Giri
          5. Tamil Nadu – Dr Vedakani
          6. Telangana- Ms. Elizabeth Aharone

Regional Secretaries for Karnataka, North 1, and North East 1 & 2 are to be appointed by the Executive Committee.

The incoming President Ms. Jessica Richard conveyed thanks to the outgoing officers for meticulously conducting the election and successfully bringing the Assembly to a close, and requested members from the floor to briefly make suggestions for the programmatic foci to take ATTWI forward.


Reported By-

Ms. Neelam Gaikwad
NCCI Communication Department

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