Ecumenical Youth Gathering on Towards a Just life and Affirming Identities in Migration

A one day Ecumenical Youth Gathering was conducted in the city of Nagpur on the theme “ Towards Just Life and Affirming Identities in Migration on 25th May 2024. Around 20 Young people gathered from different Churches and discussed on Addressing the issues on migrants youth.

Rev.  Asher, Executive Secretary Commission on Youth concerns, NCCI addressed the challenges that young people are going through globally and questioned how the ecclesial structures are responding on this issue. The main cause of youth migration are obviously the economic condition and the prospects for youth in a particular region. He said that migration raises questions about identity justice, racism advocacy and diakonia.

Rev. Ganesh Barve Presbyter, All saints Cathedral CNI Church, Nagpur  shared the reflection on Migration.  He emphasised the historical aspects of migration from the biblical perspective.

Mr. Rajesh Jadav in his opening remarks challenged young people to be open to listen the stories of people with pain and suffering.   He brought a case study on migration saying that Covid has challenged the church whether they will be inclusive in giving them an space and unfortunately many churches were not migrant friendly where other religions were opened up to give space.  He asked youth to challenge the church structures to be inclusive.

Mr. Khaten from North East Fellowship had shared the experiences as student migrant and Manipur student in Nagpur had shared their experiences on migration. Mr. Jammu Anandh in his session highlighted the means of identities in migrations. The cities are build by the migrants. He addressed that migration has both positive and negative impact where a product mechanism is been applied that man force is needed to operate the product.  He also highlighted Article 15 where everyone is treated equal irrespective of caste, gender, sex and place. He mentioned that Constitution is above the religions and constitution provides rights to the migrants.

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