NCCI appeals Churches for austere New year celebrations in solidarity with Christians attacked for faith.

Over a thousand Christians from more than 20 villages in Narayanpur and Kondagaon districts of Chattisgarh state had to flee for their life as violent mobs attacked them for not willing to recant their Christian faith. This is latest in a series of attacks in the State as well as in different parts of the country.

The National Council of Churches in India (NCCI) had earlier condemned the December incidents in Chattisgarh state, and called the State Government and National bodies to intervene. Many others have also made representations for action. The Chief Minister has gone on record stating that no one is above law and action will be taken.

In a letter to the heads of the churches in the fellowship of the National Council of Churches in India, the General Secretary of the NCCI has appealed for austerity in the New Year celebration in order to express solidarity with the sentiments of the Christians who have been attacked and with their expression of deep commitment to the faith of their choice.

The NCCI has also requested for special prayers for the victims of violence, and to intercede for the country as a whole so that citizens of all faiths, ethnicities, identities and orientations will inherit 2023 in peace and harmony.

NCCI Communiqué

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