A Joint call for Solidarity and Prayer

The War on Ukraine is still on. We have all been praying for the cessation of hostilities in the region and that Russia will announce a ceasefire and take up non-violent ways in dealing with whatever issues it may have with Ukraine. We also hope that the peace-making process will ensure healing trauma, building trust, rebuilding the land, its infrastructure and people that are affected due to this war.

It will be good for us Christians, many of whom will be going into the season of lent, to have this intention in prayer during this season that the war will end and the victim compensated.

Such acts of aggression are seen in different parts of the world and in varied contexts. We will lift all such situations and people, along with ourselves, to be transformed into a people of love, and seekers of just-peace

Along with the Catholic Bishops Conference of India and the Evangelical Fellowship of India, we urge you to say a special prayer every week during the season of lent so that individuals and families, as well as communities and nations will be built on values of love, peace and justice.

You may like to use the intercessory prayers that can be accessed here

Rev. Dr. Asir Ebenezer
General Secretary, NCCI

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