A Tribute to the man of God who walked the talk: Rev. Dr. P B M Basaiawmoit

We are saddened to know of the sudden demise of the Rev. Dr. P. B. M. Basaiawmoit, a senior leader of the Presbyterian Church in India, a fiery social activist and a committed ecumenist, who was called to glory in the early hours of Wednesday the 9th February 2022.

Rev. Dr. Basaiawmoit led from the front in the Churches’ involvement in the issues that affect the common people. He was the leader of the Church who gave leadership in many community groups and social action networks. He was a leader who spoke his heart and did not fear anyone in the hierarchy. Rev. Dr. Basaiawmoit was an eloquent speaker, a good preacher and a practical theologian. His sermons address practical Christian witness.

He served as the Chairperson of the NCCI Commission on Life during the quadrennial (2004 – 2008) and as the Vice President of the National Council of Churches in India from 2008 to 2012; during the latter period he was also the Chairperson of the Personnel committee of the NCCI. During these times he played a major role in making the ministries of the NCCI relevant to the issues in North East India and to the contemporary socio-political challenges facing the country. He was a pillar of strength to the Secretariat and the leadership when the NCCI faced an organisational crises in the years 2009 and 2010.

We acknowledge the contribution of this man of God in the different local, national and global movements relating to environment, human rights, mining, migration, plight of the refugees, anti-conversion laws and such other issues.

We join the family and the church, especially all those who were mentored by him, in thanking God for the gift of Rev. Dr. PBM Basaiawmoit to the world and the ecumenical movement particularly in India. We offer our prayers and deep condolences to each member of the family. May God’s peace that surpasses all understanding remain with them today and always.

Rev. Asir Ebenezer
General Secretary NCCI
10th February 2022

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