Vidarbha Centre for Labour Concerns Bounce Back to Life

Date: 6th March 2019

Venue: Vidharbha Centre for Labour Concerns (VCLC), Butibori

The youth and women living on the fringes are quite often ignored by the mainstream of the society. They are not provided opportunities to explore their potentials. Devoid of a domain to learn and an orifice to demonstrate their skills, add to the disheartenment of many youths and women. Discrimination prevails even within the margins. In a society where the earnings of man is given credence, the ability of the youths and women to bring about a change is undermined or rather not bothered at all. This concept is being inverted through a Youth and Women Program jointly conceived and executed by four institutions viz. National Council of Churches in India (NCCI), Church of North India – Social Service Institute (CNI-SSI), Mure Memorial Hospital and Christian Service Agency (CSA). As a part of this endeavour a Mobile Training Centre was inaugurated on 6th March 2019 at the Vidharbha Centre for Labour Concerns (VCLC), Butibori, Nagpur. The program aims to equip the youth and women of Tembhari village – Butibori.

The inauguration program witnessed officials from NCCI, CNI-SSI, Mure Memorial Hospital and the residents of Tembhari village. There were around 50 participants. The dignitaries present were; Mrs. Aradhana Upadhyay – Director – CNI-SSI; Mr. Rajesh Jadhav – Coordinator – VCLC; Mr. Jianthaolung Gonmei – Executive Secretary – Youth Concerns – NCCI; Dr. Pranit Kashyap and Dr. Swapnali Rao – Doctors of Mure Memorial Hospital. The program commenced with a brief introduction by Mrs. Aradhana Upadhyay concerning the Mobile Training Centre and the courses which would be offered i.e. tailoring, beautician, embroidering and electrical management. She encouraged the people present there to make use of the opportunity to the fullest and also to spread the information so that many more could avail this prospect. Followed by her speech, Mr. Rajesh Jadhav, Mr. Jianthaolung Gonmei and Dr. Pranit Kashyap expressed their wishes and prayers for the success of the program. The vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Siddhart Bhange – CNI-SSI. Soon after the inauguration a medical camp was organized for the people under the aegis of the doctors from Mure Memorial hospital. To share the joy of this initiative sweets were distributed and everyone partook in the refreshments thereafter.

This program marks the renewed vigour of Vidarbha Centre for Labour Concerns which is an arm of NCCI-URM working among labours in Asia’s largest SEZ since 2002. Plans are afoot to further the work on rights, dignity of labours in the 12 districts in the Vidarbha Region of Maharashtra State.

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