Concern for Justice and Peace over the Jerusalem Issue

The recognition accorded by the US Administration  to Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, and its decision to shift its Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem will further aggravate the problem of finding a just and peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian tension, and the larger issue of peace and goodwill in the West Asian region. It also undermines the role of UN (and all its member nations) who have resolved in 1980 that Jerusalem should be respected as  a  sacred place for three religious traditions, that no diplomatic missions of countries should be established in Jerusalem, and the declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel constitutes a serious obstruction to achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East.

It is in this context that the following appeal has been submitted to the US Embassy in India, and copies of the same have been circulated to all important state and civil society bodies. This is for your consideration, prayer and action. Let us be careful that we do not get carried away by unjust Zionist perspectives. Especially at Christmas time let us be committed to the Prince of Peace.


We, the undersigned, Justice and Peace-loving citizens in India, urge the US Adminstration to withdraw its recognization of Jerusalem as the Captital of Israel and the proposal to shift its Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Realizing the adverse impact of the announcement by President Trump on Wednesday, the 6th December 2017,  on Arabs, Christians and Muslims who live in Palestine and all over the world;

Noting that this declaration will go against the UN Resolution that Jerusalem should be the ‘sacred place’ for all the major three religions – Judaism, Islam and Christianity;

Sensing that such an action will disrespect and jeopardise the peace process that has been under progress for both Jews and Palestinians to live together with a two-nation theory and peaceful settlement;

Understanding that this has already geared up the Islamic and other countries to express their deep concern and anguish against such an unwarranted decision by the US;

Considering that most of the world leaders including Pope Francis, State Heads of Britain, France and Germany and several Islamic States have condemned this unilateral decision and raised their voice against this proposal;

Bearing in mind that such an impulsive and drastic decision would lead to disturbance of peace not only in Middle East but also across the world;

Reflecting that this kind of unwarranted announcements may further instigate and perpetuate  the never ending war in that region that may spread over to different parts of the world;

Considering that this kind of irresponsible decions and desparate and impulsive actions would accelerate tension in Palestine and would worsen the life and livelihood situation of the marginalized especially the aged, otherwise abled, women and children in the occupied territories;

While expressing our deep concern and solidarity with the struggles of our brothers and sisters in Palestine for their life, livelihood, dignity, equality, justice and peace,

  • We strongly condemn the US Adminstration for the unilateral way of making decision on an internationally arbitrated issue that goes against all norms of democracy that the US keeps speaking about time and again for other nations to follow;
  • We urge US to withdraw this untimely and autarchic decision and allow the people of Israel and Palestine to live with Justice and Peace in mutually recognized states;
  • We also urge the Indian Government not to take sides with US and Israel but to intervene with the US Administration to call back this decision and announcement and to enable the Middle East and the entire world to live in Peace with due respct for humanity, dignity and diversity.

10.12.2017 – New Delhi

Name of the Signatories and Organisations:

Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan – Chairperson, Delhi Minority Commission, New Delhi

Sr. Anastasia Gill (Sneha) – Member – Delhi Minority Commission & Advocate, New Delhi

Mr. Ranjan Solomon, Badayl (Alternatives), Goa.

Mr. Samuel Jeyakumar, NCCI- National Council of Churches in India, New Delhi

Mr. Pradip Bansrior, NCCI- National Council of Churches in India, Nagpur

Fr. Devasahayaraj, Office for SC/BC – Catholic Bishops Conference of India, New Delhi

Fr. Ajaya Kumar Singh, OROSA-Odisha Organisation for Social Action, Bhubaneswar

Rev Chandra Mohan, Shaloam Centre, Yavatmal, Maharashtra

Dr. Richard Devadoss, Cornerstone, Chennai

Fr. Selvaraj Arulnathan, ISI-Indian Social Institute, Bangalore

Mr. Inbaraj Jeyakumar, SCM-India- Students Christian Movement- India, Bangalore

Dr. Victor Edwin, Vidya Jyothi Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations, Delhi

Ms. Annie Namala, Social Activist, New Delhi

Dr. Rameshnathan, NDMJ-National Dalit Movement for Justice, New Delhi

Mr. Paul Divakar, SWADHIKAR, New Delhi

Fr. Aloysius Irudayam, Madurai, TN

Fr. Freddie, Ooty, TN

Rev Dr. Vincent Rajkumar, CISRS- Christian Institute for the Study of Religion and Society, Bangalore

Rev Fr. Dr. Mathew Chandrakunnel, ECC-Ecumenical Christian Centre, Bangalore

Rev Dr. Gnanavaram, CSI-Church of South India, Madurai, TN

Mr. Anand Kumar Bolimera, NDCW- National Dalit Christian Watch, New Delhi

Rev Michael Alosanaya, Vidya Jyothi, Delhi

Dr. Vincent Manoharan, NDCW- National Dalit Christian Watch, New Delhi

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