An Ecumenical Commemoration of 500 Years of Reformation

“Reformation is a Process and we need to adopt and adapt to…”

said Fr. Peter, a Catholic Rector at the Ecumenical Commemoration of 500 Years of Reformation.

The Churches and the Christian Communities and Organisations in Nagpur gathered together at the All Saints Cathedral of the Church of North India in Nagpur, to participate in a commemorative Eucharist worship on 31st October 2017 at 6.30 pm. remembering Martin Luther and his colleagues, who advocated reformation in the Church 500 years ago on the same day.

Over hundred people, including persons with disabilities, clerics, theologates, mission and social workers, participated in this ecumenical worship representing different ecclesial confessions from Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Methodist, Lutheran, Church of North India,  and Free Church Traditions.

It was at sunset that God’s people, with commitment to their respective faith traditions and with a spirit of oneness in their hearts, gathered for worship. The cross led the procession of the leaders of various ecclesial traditions and confessions as they marched into the All Saint Cathedral with joy and enthusiasm. The colourful attire of ecumenism and bright shades of friendship affirmatively sang Luther’s hymn ‘A mighty fortress is our God’, thereby bearing prophetic witness to being ‘One Body of Christ’  and committing themselves to on-going reformation in the Church and society.

Rt. Rev. Paul Dupare, Bishop of CNI – Nagpur Diocese ministered the Word. He invited all to remember our ancestors who initiated the reformation movement. He emphasised the need of being reformed in order to reform others.  He invited all the ecclesial confessions and traditions to be part of the reformation movement to transform the problem-ridden societies by experiencing and expressing our faith. The communion of churches is for the future good of the adherents of the Christian community, exemplifying the real meaning of being the One Body of Christ.

Rev. Fr. Dr. Peter, Rector of the St. Charles Rectory and Theological Seminary, asserted that the reformation is not merely a single historical event that happened 500 years ago, rather it is an ongoing process, where God works at all times to reform us. So, we need adopt and get adapted to this process of reformation.

Earlier, Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad, General Secretary of the National Council of Churches, while introducing the commemorative worship, said that reformation is a continuous dialogical-prophetic journey. It started several centuries back in West but still continues requiring relevant contextual expressions at every stage in history, and that too all over the world. He thus invited all to be part of the journey to reform the world at large.

‘History repeats itself’. Martin Luther ignited the flame of reformation five centuries ago. On 31st October, 2017, the churches in Nagpur were challenged to keep the fire burning through self-critical examination and reformation in a spirit of unity, moving from conflict to communion, partnering in the Unity and Mission ministry of the National Council of Churches in India.

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