NCCI Interns’ orientation 2017

A two-day orientation programme for the interns of National Council of Churches in India (NCCI) was held on 15th -16th June 2017. Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad, General Secretary, along with the Executive Secretaries and the interns attended the programme. Six sessions were conducted all together where the Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad took up the first session. The second session was taken up by all  the Executive Secretaries together, third session by Rev. Caesar David, fourth session by Rev. Christopher Rajkumar, fifth session by Mr. Ashish Mane, Finance Officer-NCCI and Mr. Vijayan Pillai, Programme Coordinator-ESHA Inclusive, and the last session was an interactive session moderated by the General Secretary.

In the first session, “Glocal Ecumenism,” the General Secretary spoke briefly on the History of the Ecumenical Movement – Global and Indian, History of NCCI, Indian ecumenical expressions, Introduction to NCCI Members, NCC Governance & Secretariat, Strategic Objectives of NCCI for 2016-2020, Integration and Mainstreaming. In the second session, the Executive Secretaries highlighted NCCI Programme Expressions, including important NCCI Statements and Policies of each of the NCCI Concerns and Ministries. The third session was on “Programme and ICT Essential Skills,” taken up by Rev. Caesar David. He focused on different types of Programmes, Reading References to matters dealing with Programme Conceptualization, Proposal Writing and Programme Execution, Report Writing, and Letter Writing, Introduction to NCCI Communication System and their functions, Essential Computer Skills, Web-Posting, Social Media Apps, Photography, PPT, and Coral Draw.

The second day orientation was started with the topic “Responsible Internship.” Rev. Christopher Rajkumar talked about Quality of life in community, Fellowship, Scripture, Prayer, Worship, Creativity, Values and Ethics, Etiquette, and Behaviour. Later, the interns were given orientation on NCCI Accounts System by Mr. Ashish Mane and a practical session on MS Excel by Mr. Vijayan Pillai. This was followed by the last session, i.e., Interactive Session with Secretaries and the General Secretary as the moderator.

The two-day orientation programme for the interns was a time of developmental learning that will not only benefit them in the present but also in the future. The interns were even challenged to cultivate a critical mind-set and logical thinking and expression through all the sessions, but most importantly through the interactive session. Over all, the orientation programme was a time not only for practical and intellectual grounding but also a time for emotional and spiritual edification for the interns as well as warm fellowship with all the Secretaries.

Reported by –
Wapangyingla Ao.
Intern, NCCI Youth Concerns.

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