Who said Martial Arts and Karate are for Boys only?……. NCCI Accompanies Member Churches in its Pilgrimage to Promote Girls and Women Rights as Human Rights and 16 Days Activism Campaign


Girls in New Kurvez School learning Self Defense Techniques of Marshal Arts and Karate to break the silence during seminar organized by CNI-SSI to commemorate Human Rights Day and promote 16 Days Activism Campaign to Eliminate Violence on Women and Girls

Engaging in advocacy among churches and women’s fellowship, organizations and church run institutions and enhancing the capacity of church and community leaders  to promote women’s and children’s human rights has been the major focus of All India Council of Christian Women . Every year this advocacy gains its momentum during the UN Campaign of  16 Days Advocacy to Eliminate Violence on Women and Girls from 25th November to 10th December .  It is during this time that AICCW also accompanies  member churches and women’s fellowships in their pilgrimage to end violence on women and children. AICCW  links women’s fellowships and member churches to different ecumenical networking and encourages churches to   share their  work , strategies and stories to build just inclusive communities

AICCW – NCCI accompanied CNI- SSI ( Church of North India Social Service Institute of Nagpur Diocese ) in its ministry to empower children about rights to life and dignity and prevent abuse. A Seminar on Empowering Girls about  Self Defense Skills  and Gender Justice  was organized  in New Kurvez’s High school in  Nagpur to commemorate Human Rights Day and to promote ‘Girls’ and Children’s Rights are Human Rights’. More than 300 children both boys and girls participated in this seminar .

According to Mrs Aradhana Upadhayay Director of CNI- SSI “The Nirbhaya rape case,  in which a young girl was gang-raped and thrown in the streets by young boys, opened the Pandora’s box regarding  how vulnerable are our girls in India, and how violent and patriarchal is our culture. Our homes, schools, roads and communities are not safe for girls, children and women.  CNI- SSI engages in ministry in empowering grassroots communities to promote safe homes , safe communities and safe schools for girls , and safe spaces for women and children along with sustainable development programs and activities. Sustainable development cannot be possible unless there is gender equality . We have several programs and projects even to empower children in schools about their rights. This Human Rights Day, CNI-SSI of Nagpur Diocese  organized a Seminar on Empowering  Girls about  Self Defense Techniques and Gender Justice.   Martial Arts , Judo , Karate  are no more just for boys and men; our girls can also learn . Through this training we are also teaching children to break silence in case of abuse, and sexual, physical and other forms of  assault. We  also get an opportunity to create awareness  among children about  their rights .

According to  Mrs. Veena Mohadikar, Head Mistress of the school,  children in this school  come from economic backgrounds below poverty level. Most of them  are from  Dalit  and Indigenous communities and are children at risk.

Ms Moumita Biswas during this Seminar  shared with children regarding what is gender equality, techniques to break silence in case of abuse and sexual assault . She  created  awareness among children regarding the necessity to   discern ‘what is  Right Touch and what is Wrong Touch’ and how one can prevent sexual and other assaults .

“In our country, though girls and girl children are vulnerable,  boys also face abuse; the culture of violence is a vicious cycle. Those abused during  childhood or those who witness violence become perpetrators of violence. Women also perpetuate violence. Mothers provide less food or opportunities to their daughter than to their sons. We a need to empower not only our girls but also  boys from tender age about gender equality. Knowledge about gender justice, equality and sex education should be included in the curriculum of schools. In our culture there is taboo on talking about such matters.  Children may even get punished in some schools if they talk about Cinderella kissing Prince Charming in the fairy tale. They are prevented to even have knowledge about their own sexuality. Girls are stopped from going to school or college if they fall in love. Such reports comes to us from mothers in women’s fellowships. Such culture of violence can end if communities are empowered and  awareness is created among children to discern between true love,  lust and violence from childhood. There is need to  nurture spirituality of  justice and responsible love  to prevent relational disorders which lead to violence  on  women, girls and children whose  bodies become  commodities and  battlefields where  lust and hatred, vengeance, and war are exhibited” states Ms Biswas .


“Let  there be No  Poor Among You: Womens Rights are Human Rights “- Human Rights Day Celebration in NCCI Secretariat.

Human Rights Day was also commemorated in the NCCI Secretariat in Nagpur . The morning devotion, which included sharing and Biblical reflection on  ‘Women and Girls Rights as  Human Rights,’ was organized by AICCW. According to Miss  Hungreiphi Zimik,  intern of AICCW, who has been actively engaged in promoting 16 Days Activism Campaign,  “This is part of our staff capacity enhancement about  rights of women and girls as we commemorate Human Rights Day.” The Asian Church Women’s Conference Prayer theme of 2016 “ Let there be no Poor among you’ was chosen for  the reflection .

Asian Church Women’s Conference unites Church Women in Asia. It was founded by Mrs Shanti Solomon, also the founding mother of All India Council of Christian Women. ACWC every year shares a liturgy for a prayer service, seeking to unite church women in Asia in prayer. This year the liturgy was prepared by Mongolia. AICCW is also a member of ACWC.

Ms Biswas further states “In today’s context poverty means not merely economic poverty but also spiritual poverty.  India is the 4th most dangerous country in the world for a woman to live in and for a girl child to survive. Unless we address this issue of spiritual poverty, we cannot eradicate the culture of violence or end violence on women and children .”

Dr Roger Gaikwad,  General  Secretary of National Council of Churches observes, “Most of our member Churches  have  various projects , program, and institutions through which they support  vulnerable women, girls and children. The aim of NCCI  is to invite and

Moumita Biswas Executive Secretary of Women & Gender Justice Commission on NCCI sharing children about how to discern right touch and wrong touch and break the silence about sexual abuse and assault in school home and community

Moumita Biswas Executive Secretary of Women & Gender Justice Commission on NCCI empowering children in New  Kurvez School

empower member churches to move beyond the charity paradigm of mission and  adopt a ‘Rights and Love’  Based  Approach in its ministry.This is a huge task and responsibility for the Church  .”

AICCW- NCCI also accompanied Baptist Women leaders  from East and North Eastern part of India to promote ‘Discipleship of Equals and Women’s Ordination’ during Women’s Leadership Conference  in Chandipur in Orissa from 25th -27th November 2016, organized by All India Baptist Fellowship . Women leaders from 12 Baptist Conventions attended this meeting .

Reported by All India Council of Christian Women

Women’s Commission of NCCI


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