Report: Tamilnadu Christian Council Executive Committee – September 20, 2016

Report of the Tamilnadu Christian Council Executive Committee held on  September 20, 2016 at TNCC Office, Guindy, Chennai.


The Executive Committee of the Tamilnadu Christian Council was held on the 20th September 2016 at TNCC Office, Guindy, Chennai.

Rt. Rev. Dr. M. Joseph, the President of TNCC and the CSI Bishop of the Diocese of Madurai – Ramnad presided over the meeting. There were Twenty TNCC – Member representatives and Church leaders officially participated and I (Rev. Christopher Rajkumar) represented the National Council of Churches in India as a General Secretary nominee.

The Meeting  was opened with word of prayer by the Rev. Dr. (Mrs.) Nalini Immanuel of the CSI Trichy – Tanjore Diocese. Dr. Esther Kathiroli, the Secretary / Director of TNCC welcomed the Members and Bishop Joseph greeted the members and led a devotion. Rev. Christopher Rajkumar shared the greetings of the National Council of Churches in India and its Officers including the General Secretary and Secretariat.

The proposed agenda contained the constitutional requirements such as receiving the activity and financial reports and approval of budget along with seeking of an approval to convene the next TNCC – General Assembly in November 2016. It was also reported that, the Arcot Lutheran Church has come forward in hosting the same at Thirukovilur in Tamilnadu from 4 to 5 November 2016.

The NCCI nominee suggested to have a theme related in reflecting the 500 years of reformation and suggested ‘Reformation and Renewal of the Church Today’ as a theme. The suggestion was  unanimously accepted.

There were several references to NCCI and sought suggestions on several matters including memberships and theological positions. It was also informed the members by the Secretary / Director that, the TNCC closely works with the NCCI’s programmatic thrust areas  such as Peace, Ecology, Disability, Transparency, Accountability & Responsibility and Social Protection.

There were in-depth, detailed discussions both theologically and administratively and were given several practical suggestions to ease the work of the Secretary / Director  on several matters. This shows how much the Members are interested and committed to the mission and ministries of the TNCC!

All the member representatives and Church leaders have assured to uphold the ministries of TNCC and extend their fuller support to the Secretary.

The meeting was adjourned with a closing prayer by Rev. Andrew B Natarajan, District Superintendent – Methodist Churches in India, and Bishop Joseph pronounced the benediction.

Reported by:
Rev. Christopher Rajkumar
Executive Secretary.


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