Press Release – Tamilnadu Churches Commemorating the 500 Years of Reformation.

Press Release.

Tamilnadu Churches Commemorating the 500 Years of Reformation.

The recently held Executive Committee of the Tamilnadu Christian Council in Chennai chaired by Rt. Rev. Dr. M Joseph, President of TNCC has decided to commemorate the 500 Years of Reformation on the theme: “Reformation of the Church for the Renewal Communities”.

This commemoration would be at the inauguration of the next General Assembly of Tamilnadu Christian Council, which is scheduled to be held at Thirukovilur in Tamilnadu from 3 to 4 November 2016 and hosted by the Arcot Lutheran Church.

The agenda of this commemoration includes biblical-theological reflections, ministerial espouses, seminars, conversations and sessions to plan the joint ecumenical actions. The outcome of this commemoration would set an ecumenical-missional agenda  for the Churches in Tamilnadu for the near future.

There would be around 100 Church Leaders, Theologians, Mission Workers, Women, Men Youth and Activists expected to participate.

Dr. Esther Kathiroli, Secretary of the Tamilnadu Christian Council said, the 500 years old reformation is still relevant and need for today also. Therefore, the TNCC is suggesting all our members to work towards reformation that would lead us towards ‘just and inclusive communities’ which is the liberative gospel agenda of our lord and saviours Jesus Christ as suggested by the NCCI. Secondly, reformation and renewal are possible only by a collective and wider-ecumenical interventions through campaigns and advocacy.  Such interventions would reduce the gap between the ecclesial and other fellowships and strengthen our net-works and impact the churches and societies at large.  Thirdly, the TNCC would inspire our members in facilitating them with capacity enhancements and ministerial & Ecumenical Accompaniment.

The TNCC’s efforts are highly inspiring and setting a model to make the historical events relevant to the rest of the Churches and Ecumenical Organisations in India. For more details Dr. Esther Kathiroli be contacted in <> and mobile # +91 9444024180.

Rev. Christopher Rajkumar
Executive Secretary,
Commission on Unity, Mission and Evangelism.

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