Celebration of Tribal and Adivasi Sunday at MBC Bible College, Hyderabad.

adivasiTribal and Adivasi Sunday was celebrated at MBC Bible College, Hyderabad on 7th of August 2016. It was an enlightening evening, the whole community gathered at the academic centre to participate and celebrate through this worship.

 It was a enriching experience to the whole community to know about various tribal and adivasi groups in India. A power point presentation was made to educate the community about the rich culture and tradition of various tribes in India.  MBC community remembered the life and living style of the tribal and adivasi people amidst of the discrimination and subjugation they face. An attempt was made not to romanticize the plight of the tribals but to understand the resistive modes they employed for their survival in midst of struggle.

tribalMr. Suju Marandi, an adivasi from the Santal tribal area was invited to share the word of God. He explained the condition of the tribal and adivasi people in his region and shared God’s word from tribal perspective relating with various issues.

The SCMI Regional Secretary of the college Mr. Immanuel Pradeep had creatively planned and organized the service under the guidance of the Principal Rev.  Dr. I.P. Asheervadam, faculty advisors and the Chaplain and appreciate the role of NCCI and particularly the Tribal and Adivasi concerns for equipping the institutions with worship order and posters.

Pradip Bansrior

Executive Secretary

Commission on Dalits and Tribals/ Adivasis

National Council of Churches in India

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