A Relevant Diaconal Intervention for Youth Today

Workshop on ‘Youth for Peace’

23rd July 2016, Aruppukottai, Virudhunagar, Tamilnadu

DSC01557A one-day workshop on Relevant (Diaconal) Mission for Youth under the theme “Youth for Peace” was held on 23rdJuly 2016, at Church of South India (CSI) Parish Hall, Aruppukkottai, Virudhunagar District, Tamilnadu. The Unity, Mission and Evangelism Unit and the Youth Unit of National Council of Churches in India (NCCI), the Commission on  Conflict Transformation and Peace Building Program of United Evangelical Lutheran Churches in India (UELCI), Christian Service Agency (CSA) and Congregation Accompanied Reformed Diaconia In Action (CARDIA) and Dept. of Communication of CSI Diocese of Madurai and Ramnad jointly organized this workshop.

More than 175 boys and girls from 10 grassroots congregations participated in this workshop. Rev. Vinolin Caleap, Director, Christian Education Department of the CSI-DMR welcomed the gathering.

Rev. Jothinayagam, the Chairman of the Local Council inaugurated the Workshop. Mr. Kasta Dip, Director, India Peace Centre, gave greetings along with a call to the youth to be the ambassadors of peace in addressing the issues that ruin peace in our societies.

Mr. Jianthaolung Gonmei, Executive Secretary –  Youth, led the devotion on “Blessed are the Peace Makers” (Matthew 5:9). He emphasized three points: Peace Breakers, Peace Fakers, Peace Makers. He further challenged the youth to be effective instruments of peace in the society.

DSC01554Rev. R. Christopher Rajkumar, Executive Secretary – Justice, Peace and Creation, led a workshop on ‘Contextual Scanning’ through various cross-learning activities.  This session facilitated the participants to have a better understanding of their neighborhoods and what the injustices are that ruin peaceful and harmonious living of communities. Further he challenged the participants by asserting that since  ‘youth are the heart’ of the church,  we need to know our role and function. If we fail, the entire life of our church would be a failure.  This session challenged and encouraged the youth to stand for justice and peace with love in action.

Rev. Vinolin Caleap and Rev. Timothy Arulkumar jointly conducted an evaluation session. Rev. Ebenezer Joshua, Director, Communication Department of the CSI-DMR proposed the vote of thanks. Rev. Jothinayagam closed this workshop with a word of prayer and benediction. Ten pastors from different churches also graced this workshop with their presence and prayers.

Reported by:

Conflict Transformation and Peace Building Programme of the  United Evangelical Lutheran Churches in India,

Justice, Peace and Creation and Youth Units of the National Council of Churches in India,

Christian Service Agency and CSI Diocese of Madurai – Ramnad.

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