NCCI welcomes new interns for 2016-2017. Interns Orientation Workshop conducted.

The National Council of Churches in India welcomes new interns for 2016 – 17. These young people have come from different regions and backgrounds. During their time at NCCI, it is hoped that they would explore various concerns, learn and contribute to the strengthening of the ecumenical movement in India.

atonNgalaton Ningsen

Ngalaton is from Nagaland and is an intern for Tribal and Adivasi concerns. She has done her B.D. from Bishop’s College, Kolkata in 2016. She has earlier worked as a secretary in Evangelical Union ministry at Patkai, Sunday school staff in Senakeithei village, Manipur, and has been a member of Nagaland Singing Ambassadors Choir. She is seeking for an opportunity from NCCI to explore herself in the best possible way, to have a wider picture of Tribal and Adivasi concerns beyond North East India which she believes will be of great benefit and help for her future M.Th. studies.

shitoviShitovi Sema

Shitovi is intern for  Youth concerns. He is from Dimapur, Nagaland and has done his M.Th. in Missiology  from Aizawl Theological College in 2016 and B.D.  from Easter Theological College in 2013. He served Dimapur Sumi Baptist Church as a Youth Coordinator (Voluntary service) in 2013-2014. He is a worship leader of his church. He want to improve his skills in programme strategies, social analysis, communication, inter-personal mission and evangelism,  and leadership.

manas Manas Raj

Manas is serving NCCI as an intern for concerns of Unity, Mission and Evangelism. He has done his B.D. from Bethel Bible College, Andhra Pradesh in year 2016. He is from Adarshapara C.N.I. Church, Sambalpur Diocese and has worked as a Secretary of the Youth Fellowship in his church and was engaged in social works like cleaning the surroundings, Plantation, Rally against Gender Discrimination and Environmental Degradation, and has attended programs on social work in the church.

ahonHungreiphy Zas

Hungreiphy Zas hails from Manipur. She belongs to the Tangkhul Baptist Church, which is a member of Manipur Baptist Convention. She has graduated recently in Bachelor of Divinity (BD)  from Leonard Theological College, Jabalpur. She is an intern for All India Council of Christian Women- Women’s Wing NCCI. She wants   to be a part of NCCI to get experience and skills in various fields especially improvement  in communication skills, as well as to expose herself in a wider ministerial area.

jyotiJyotirmaya Tandi

Jyotirmaya is intern for  Dalit concerns. He is from Titlagarh, Odisha and has done his B.D. from Bethel Bible College in year 2016. He was a youth leader of his church and served Christian Endeavor as a treasurer. He is looking forward to learn leadership qualities and to bring justice and equality for Dalits.


davidDavid Jadhav

David is working with All India Sunday School Association as an intern. He is from Nagpur.  He has done his Bachelor’s degree from Science stream in 2016.  He is member of Harvest Church, Nagpur and is actively participating in church activities such as organizing youth events, operating sound system etc. His objective to join NCCI is to bring unity among all denominations and churches.


hrudayHrudhay Addurwar

Hrudhay is assisting the Administration Department of NCCI. He is from Nagpur and completed his Mechanical Engineering course in 2013. He is CNI Nagpur Diocese Youth President for the 2015-2018 session. He is very active in church and social activities and is a very good football player. He is looking forward to serve the society and ecumenism through his internship


avinaArina Murrian

Arina is from Nagpur and has done her graduation in Commerce in 2016. She is a member of  St. Francis De Sales Cathedral, Nagpur. She is a part-time intern for IDEA Forum of NCCI. She is very active in her church and a part of the Youth Choir. She is looking forward to learn more about missionary activities through NCCI.

A 3 days Interns Orientation workshop was organized from July 13 to 15, 2016 at India Peace Centre and NCCI Secretariat.

The workshop started with Ms. Moumita Biswas’s session on ‘Bonding Together’. She explained in details about Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) planning method. She also discussed about Strategy Building, Matching, Converting , Planning and Mapping Expectations.

Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad explained about Glocal (Global+Local) Ecumenism. He gave detailed information to all interns about the origin of  ecumenical movements (both Global and Indian), history of NCCI, Indian Ecumenical Expressions,  introduction to NCCI constituencies, NCCI governance and secretariat. He also briefly explained about the General Assembly, General Body, Executive Committee, Administration and finances.


Rev. Caesar David explained about modern communication skills and how to use them. He also described about NCCI Communication System and their functions such as NCC Review (Sourcing Articles and Promotion), Photography, Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, News Flash, E-News Letter, Documentation, etc.

On the second day of the workshop, the first session was led by Rev. Christopher Rajkumar by explaining Program Conceptualization, Execution and Proposal Writing, in particular focusing on planning, designing, execution, and communication, logistics and budgetting. He also elucidated  writing of Concept Notes for  program/project/event.

Mr. Jianthaolung Gonmei took a session on the importance of Report Writing and about using various options/tools to make effective reports and also instructed about various forms of report writing such as Snap Shot, News Flash, News Reporting, Narrative Report, Analytical Report and Minutes Writing.

Ms. Moumita Biswas conducted a session on Letter Writing which dealt with various types of letters and their usage.

Rev. Christopher Rajkumar taught about Successful Internship and explained about  the importance of Fellowship, Scripture, Prayers and Worship. Furthermore, he also talked about etiquette, values, and behavior which are required for successful internship.

The next session was related to policies of NCCI. Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad gave information about Work Place Policy, Complaints Redressal Committee, and HIV/AIDS.  Ms. Moumita Biswas highlighted Gender/ Children’s Policy. Mr. Pradip Bensrior highlighted Tribal and Adivasi Policy and Rev. Christopher shared about Eco-Justice.

On the last day of the workshop i.e. 15th July 2016, the first session  dealt with a brief introduction about Related Agencies, Autonomous Bodies and Special Programs of NCCI. Mr. Kasta Dip, Director India Peace Centre (IPC) shared about issues and work related to India Peace Centre, Rev. Dr. Hmingthansanga, General Secretary AISSA shared about their work, Ms. Moumita Biswas shared about AICCW, Rev. Christopher Rajkumar shared about IDEA / NEFGSM, and Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad explained about VCLC and ESHA. Next session taken by Rev. Caesar David. He shared about Communication Rights and Communication for development. He explained how NCCI Communications operate towards reaching ecumenical goals. Mr. Ashish Mane explained about the accounting system of NCCI and CSA. Lastly, Mr. Vijayan Pillai conducted a demonstration – training on MS Excel.

This three-day workshop was very useful for all interns of NCCI. Please pray for and encourage these young people as they set out to explore, learn and contribute to the ecumenical movement using their specific skills and interests.

Reported by-

Neelam Gaikwad

Program Assistant- Commissiion on Communications and Relations.

Date- 28th July 2016

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