Dr. M M Thomas Birth Centennial Public Lecture

Prof. Dr. Ram Puniyani Delivers Dr. M M Thomas Birth Centinniel Lecture on 'Democracy and Inclusive Governance'2015 is the Birth Centenary year of the late Dr. M. M. Thomas a globally renowned Church Man, Ecumenist, Christian Theologian, Socialist and Humanist. To offer an ecumenical tribute to this great person, the National Council of Churches in India, along with CASA and in partnership with CISRS, ECC and SCMI organized a Dr. M M Thomas Birth Centenary Public Lecture on 24th August 2015 at ECC Bangalore, on the theme ‘Democracy and Inclusive Governance’.
Prof. Dr. Ram Puniyani a secularist, writer and scholar delivered the Lecture. He described how the inclusive spirit of democracy drafted and affirmed by Dr. B R Ambedkar is ‘out –casted’ by the right wing exclusivist ideologues and political parties in recent days. He called the Churches to work for an inclusive society through promoting and affirming democracy and inclusive governance rather than positioning themselves as one of the faith communities in the country.
Bishop Dr. Taranath S Sagar, President – NCCI presided over the function. Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad, General Secretary – NCCI recollected the contributions of Dr. M M Thomas to the Ecumenical and Social Movements nationally and globally and and in particular to the NCCI and Indian Churches. Dr. Sushant Agrawal (CASA), Rev. Vincent Rajkumar (CISRS), Mr. Inbaraj Jeyakumar (SCMI) and Very Rev. Dr. Cherian Thomas (ECC) also offered their tributes to Dr. M M Thomas during this event.

Reported by;

Rev. R. Christopher Rajkumar
Executive Secretary,
Commission on Justice, Peace and Creation,
National Council of Churches in India.

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