CASA’s Response to the Earthquake in Nepal

AppealThe killer earthquake that hit Nepal on the noon of April 25th, 2015 has devastated human lives and property. It is believed to have killed over 7,000 people and left more than 12,000 injured, and several thousand houses flattened. The apprehension is that the death toll may rise to 10,000. Further, it is estimated that about eight million people are severely affected in the Himalayan region by this devastating earthquake.

Immediately following the above disaster, Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) has pressed its Emergency Relief Team with vehicle into action for providing immediate relief to the affected people. Having completed initial damage assessment, CASA’s team has started providing immediate relief to the earthquake affected people in the identified areas.

In its immediate relief phase:

  • CASA intends to support 5,000 families affected by the earthquake.
  • This number is for the immediate relief phase only and will cover the activities namely provision of relief kit, food support, non-food items, temporary shelter (tarpaulins) and hygiene kits to meet the immediate needs.
  • Initial estimated budget for this immediate relief intervention is Rs. 4 crores.

With the kind support of its resource partners and well-wishers CASA envisages deploying bigger quantum of financial, material as well as human resources for providing relief and rebuilding lives of the Nepal earthquake victims in the coming days.

In order to ensure a fast & fruitful response to the situation, CASA solicits compassionate contribution and support of all its partner churches, institutions, individuals & well wishers from within the country and even from overseas to the best possible extent. All such donations would be accepted under Section 80G of I.T. Act and be acknowledged in CASA’s reports. A copy of CASA’s APPEAL to this effect is attached.

CASA has deputed 4 staff with United Mission to Nepal (UMN) a network partner of CASA in Nepal. They intend to send 6 more staff to assist UMN in carrying with real time humanitarian assistance.  They have sent some medicine and fuel.  CASA has also deployed a vehicle with UMN.

CASA have started mobilizing the following food and non food items:

  1. a)    Food (mainly rice)
  2. b)    Silpaulin Tarpaulins
  3. c)    Blankets
  4. d)    Wash kit

Initially these supports are mobilized for 1500 families. These materials would be transported to Nepal.  CASA shall scale up its support depending upon the resources which CASA would be able to raise.

Click here to download CASA appeal 

(Source:  Email to NCCI from Dr. Sushant Agrawal Director, CASA)

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