SMSLAUNCHThat the mobile phone as a modern communication tool has overtaken other gadgets is a fact that had been expected for a while now. In terms of numbers, ease of access, reach and speed, the mobile applications we have now, and the humble, unassuming, but powerful SMS (Short Message Service) are second to none. With the communication paradigms changing from a one-way flow to an interactive one, from people actively seeking out data on websites to receiving data in the convenience of their own virtual spaces (the space of a 5-inch screen, if you like), and the occasional updates to instant ones, mobile technology has emerged as, arguably, the Swiss army knife (multiple functions aspect) of communications.
NCCI Commission on Communications and Relations has, for some time now, promoted the use of available communication tools towards greater efficiency and impact. To further enhance NCCI Communications NCCI SMS NEWS ALERTSYSTEM was launched on April 13, 2015 by the General Secretary of NCCI, Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad in Nagpur. It is hoped that this program component will serve to effectively use the benefits of mobile connectivity and telecommunication technology towards greater speed and efficiency in our work. Rev. Dr. Roger expressed his wish for this service to not only enhance communication as a systems process but also lead to better connection with people.


Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad

General Secretary, NCCI

Rev. Dr. Samuel Meshack

Chairperson, Program Commission on Communications and Relations, NCCI

Rev. Caesar J. David

Executive Secretary, Commission on Communications and Relations, NCCI

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