Donating Blood to Remember Jesus on Good Friday

DSC04382Many Churches and Christian Institutions in observed Blood Donation Camps to mark the Good Friday meaningful on the call extended by the Commission on Justice, Peace and Creation – NCCI. As reported over 10 camps held in many places in Maharashtra, Manipur, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Chattisghargh.

Good Friday is an important day for every Christian who believes that, Jesus who died on the Cross and shed blood to give life for all.

In Nagpur, the Christian Youth have worked with the Nagpur Medical College in donating their blood requesting them to be shared with the poor and needy who cannot afford to buy blood for their treatment.  Dr. Nitin and his team from Nagpur Medical College  assisted in the camp.

Rev. Dr. Roger Gaikwad, General Secretary, NCCI, inaugurated the camp with an encouraging words of how the Christian youth have inspired by the person and work of Jesus Christ and have committed to do what Jesus expects from all of us.

DSC07657Rev. Satish Nanda presbyter in charge of the All Saint’s cathedral offered the opening Prayer, and Rev Caesar David closed the session with word of Prayer. Rev, R Christopher Jayakumar Executive secretary,  Commission on Justice, Peace and Creation NCCI  along with Mr. Jeswin Rajan, Ms. Pranita Sandela, Jitendra Pathak, Mr. Nehemiah Kulothungan and Mr. Swapnil  jointly organized the Camp along with theother youth leaders and volunteers.

All over 139 have donated (offered) their blood.  By participating in this camp the Nagpur youth sent out a  message of  God’s love for all during this holy week.  Indeed a good thought towards helping the underprivileged and the poor. The action taken for the betterment of our society.

The Nagpur Youth for Christian Commitment in Action is facilitated by the Commission on Justice, Peace and Creation. Such good work will continue by the NYCCiA in the future too.

The similar camps are organized in may part of the Country.  The Central Church in Vellore where the District Collector was the Chief Guest,  All Saints Church, Marmabackam, Good Samarital Chruch in Hyderabad and Visakapatnam, Redeemer’s Church in Bangalore have also observed the Good Friday meaningful by organizing Blood Donation Camps.

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